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Good afternoon, Gaians. This is Cindy Donovinh of Gaia 9 Action News. Holiday festivities have been underway for over a week now, and Gaians are beginning to get bleary-eyed and woozy from all the cheer and excitement. We turn you now to the admins, who have some news and announcements:

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After weeks of working like dogs on the event, most of the developers are too drunk on "holiday cheer" (read: eggnog spiked with Tabasco sauce and gasoline) to make any drastic changes to the site. Many people are still on vacation, too. In fact, I think I'm the only one here. Hello? Guys? Could somebody come let me out of the office? It's all locked up and I'm running out of food...

Don't worry, I'm halfway joking (the part about gasoline eggnog is true, though)(not really; don’t' try that at home, or anywhere else). Everyone has been working as hard as ever, and we even put up a nice feature to demonstrate the fact that we're still alive:

Going Postal is back!
Long ago, we had a special page to showcase some of the great art and letters that Gaians sent us in the mail. Unfortunately, we could never find the time to update it regularly. We have some good news and some bad news:

  • Good news: we've brought back Going Postal with some brand new art from talented Gaians! We've made the process of updating it much smoother, so we hope to put up new art every single month this time. Click here to check it out, and feel free to send in some art of your own. We love getting letters, and most of our cubicles are plastered with art that Gaians have sent us.

  • Bad news: There is no bad news. Actually, I guess that's more good news, unless you like bad news, which would mean that no bad news is bad news, but since you like bad news, that's good news.

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We hope everybody had a wonderful holiday! Here's what's up with our various Xmas stuffs:

  • The Xmas Event nears its end
    We've had some laughs and some good times and some general merriment, but the Xmas event must soon draw to a close. I can't believe Zurg Santa is winning more support... poor Cow Santa must be crestfallen. Crestfallen!!! If you'd like to make your final push for Cow Santa, or if you'd like to help out Zurg Santa and make his victory even greater, you have until the end of January 1st to give out gifts. The event will end as the clock strikes midnight on January 2nd, so don't dawdle!

    Click here to get some last-minute gift-giving done.

  • The Holiday Art Contest has ended
    We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Holiday Art Contest, whether it was by creating awesome art or just by voting and encouraging the artists. There are dozens of great entries, and it will take us some time to sort through them all, count up the votes and choose the winners. Look for an announcement of the winners in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year from everyone at Gaia Online! We're going to try our hardest to make 2007 even more fun than 2006.