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Good evening, Gaians. This is Cindy Donovinh for Gaia 9 Action News. It's been a difficult week for Gaia, as tensions continue to mount between the Zurg and the Gaian Resistance. Rumors of Santa's disappearance continue to circulate, and business mogul Johnny Gambino has severed his ties with the Zurg soft drink syndicate. We now turn you over to the admins for some important announcements...

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The new Collectibles are here! This month, each Collectible letter contains a choice of three items: the wild and unruly Elemental Hair, the delicate Winter Rose, and the menacing Flame Sword.

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The Elemental Hair item contains eight distinct styles to choose from: two fiery coifs, an icy pompadour, a crashing wave, two wind-swept 'dos, a tangled nest, and some leafy locks. If you can't find a style that you like, you're probably just too picky!

The Winter Rose can be used in quite a few beautiful ways: as a formal gown, a crown, a rain of petals, or a grand bouquet. Perfect for special occasions!

The Flame Sword is as versatile as it is brutal: it can be held like a weapon (with or without flames), or bound to your back to create a curling plume of flame behind you! If you equip two Flame Swords on your back, it creates the illusion of fiery demon wings. Spicy!

Click here for more information, including hot, hot pose pics!

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And as long as we're on the subject of neat stuff, we've added a few more items to the GStore.

First up, we have two sticker sets: one has adorable, frolicking KiKi Kitties, and the other has cute pictures of Gaia NPCs. Both sets include a second sheet with tons of amazingly useful Emote Stickers! Imagining spicing up your school reports with them:

Calvin Coolidge was our thirtieth President xd Due to his laconic manner, he was often referred to as 'Silent Cal' 4laugh

Oh man, you'd get an "A" for sure!

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No, the cell phone is not included, you goofball!

We've also got some brand new, super-cute, dual-purpose key chains/cell phone straps! Decorate your keys/cell phone with great little figurines of your favorite Gaians: Ian, Moira, Gwee, CoCo Kitty, and KiKi Kitty.

Click here to see these new items for yourself.

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Calling all artists: Check out the Holiday Art Contest! Make some art! Win some prizes! Have some fun! Click Here to find out more...

Last week, we reported that Gaian hackers had cracked the mysterious secret Zurg web interface. They found strange blueprints for what appeared to be an interplanetary portal, and evidence of a plot to kidnap Santa!

Recently, Gaians who found their way to the blueprint have been given the option of either turning their findings over to the anti-Zurg resistance, or of reporting the security breach to the Zurg leadership. Those who choose the resistance side will be given a stylish red bandana to cover their faces during anti-Zurg protests, and those who side with the Zurg will be given a pair of bobbly antennae.

To get these items for yourself, you'll need to find the passwords for each page of the Zurg web interface. Luckily for you, Gaians in the Zurg Event Forum have posted complete guides to solving the puzzle and getting the items. Don't miss out on these free, one-time event items!

In other Zurg news, the strange Santa-related plot seems to have gone wrong! In this thread, one of the Zurg UFO pilots reveals that the Santa plot has not gone according to plan. What could this mean? What has happened to our jolly old elf? Stay tuned for more information...

Gaia 9 Action News has conducted an exclusive interview with Johnny Gambino! Click here to read the conversation, in which Gambino clumsily hits on Cindy Donovinh... and reveals his shocking announcement! According to Gambino, the soft-drink deal with the Alien Mother has gone sour, and the fate of Gaia hangs in the balance!

For the latest updates on the event, you can always check this page, which contains live coverage of the ongoing Zurg Crisis.