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Hello, Gaians. This is Cindy Donovinh of Gaia 9 Action News with another weekly bulletin. Here's what the admins have been up to this week:

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Hey! The stores! They've got new stuff!

It's been a while since the last item update. Just as your hope was starting to fade, we waltzed back into your lives like we'd never been away and lavished you with gifts. The kind of gifts that cost gold!

Visit the shops for our super-fly new item sets. Here's what's new:

  • There's some new jewelry in Barton Jewelers, including hoop earrings and a gorgeous necklace.
  • Edmund over at H.R. Wesley has the Buttoned Down set, which includes classy and casual items for men and women.
  • Crate & Apparel has some zebra-striped attire with a retro punk feel.
  • Head to Gambino Outfitters for the Jenny set, perfect for proms, parties, or just looking good.

Happy shopping!

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We've finally released the Tagging System!

When you start a thread, you'll see a little text box where you can enter up to five "tags" for your thread. These should be short keywords that describe what the thread is about. For example, if your sister got married to a man-sized iguana, your thread could be tagged with "sister," "wedding," "marriage," "reptiles," and "problems."

Then, anyone who wanted to look for a thread about weddings could go to the search page, type in "wedding," and instantly be faced with your terrifying thread

And before you accuse my example of being "random," I'll have you know that it is based on a true personal experience and the emotional scars are still with me.

Anyway: slightly more detailed info about Tagging can be found in the original announcement.

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We've added a couple of new hats to the GStore.

First, we have the lovely Panda Hat. What better way to keep warm in winter than to stuff your head inside the likeness of a panda? The giant panda may be endangered, but the warmth of your head need not be!

Second, there is the fuzzy and adorable Catscratch Hat, which provides many of the benefits of pet ownership with none of the smell (warning: Gaia Online will not be held responsible for smells originating from your head).

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The mysterious Zurg network has finally been unlocked by computer hackers!

Recently, Gaians discovered this page, where the Zurg had apparently been hiding a secret network.

Gaian hackers, through their tireless codebreaking in the Zurg forums have cracked deep into the Zurg security system and discovered a disturbing blueprint!

The image seems to depict blueprints for some kind of portal-- perhaps a gateway to link Gaia directly to the Zurg homeworld? Stay tuned for further updates...

More disturbing still, the image seems to show a Zurg UFO abducting our most beloved holiday mascot, Santa Claus! What are these secretive Zurg up to? How can we ensure the safety of Santa Claus? Visit the event forums to discuss the latest developments...