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Hello, Gaians. This is Cindy Donovinh with Gaia 9 Action News. As always, it's been a hectic week on Gaia, so let's turn to the admins for a look at the latest developments.

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Check out the GStore! We've added some great new items that you are going to absolutely love unless you have really bad taste!

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  • Keep warm with the adorably floppy ORLY hat! It's like a hat and a scarf and a pair of gloves all in one.
  • Keep your hair from flying around and smacking you in the face with our Angel and Devil Hair Clips!
  • Protect your modest keys from the shame of nudity with our Coco Kitty and Kiki Kitty keychains!

Go hit up the GStore and shop like a crazy person!

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  • We've fixed some bugs in Housing and Jigsaw.

    Jigsaw Fixes:
    • Some members with slower computers were unable to play after getting an error message that said "this script is causing the movie to play slowly." We've now fixed this problem. Have fun, slowpoke!
    • Brace yourself, ladies and gentlemen, this one is a big one: we've added a GREY BACKGROUND to the rotation of background colors. A new era is upon us.

    Housing Fixes:
    • Firefox and Safari users can now edit their houses.
    • Many non-housing items can now be placed in houses.
    • Alignment problems inside houses in Towns have been addressed.
    • The housing previews for your profiles work!

  • We've added the Daily Chance to the GStore page.
    Have you ever wondered why the Daily Chance didn't show up on the GStore page? So did we! So now it does!

    It's like Manifest Destiny: the Daily Chance was fated to expand ever eastward until it stretched from coast to glorious coast on the top navigation bar, and by golly, it has!

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The alien situation has been steadily heating up! There has been such a flurry of Zurg activity that Gaia 9 has begun their round-the-clock coverage of all facets of the situation. Check back often for the latest updates on the Zurg occupation.

To quickly recap recent Zurg-related events:

  • Snooping Gaians have found a secret page here, which seems to be some kind of classified Zurg login page. The codebreakers in the various Zurg forums have cracked the login to the access page only to find that the mystery goes even deeper. Look around the forums to find discussions on how to advance the puzzle further...
  • Those who would resist the Zurg have set up a meeting place here, in the Gaia Resistance forum. If you hang around long enough, you're bound to be accepted into one of the thousands of secret societies that have sprung up overnight!
  • A new report has shed some light on the whereabouts of the rebellious alien hero Flarn, also known as UFO 09. You can find coverage of the event on the event coverage page.

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  • Beware of PHONY ADMINS!
    We've seen lots of reports lately of people being scammed by jerks pretending to be mods, admins or NPCs. In order to help you determine who is an admin and who is just a jerk, we have compiled this handy reference guide:

    Mods, Admins and NPCs...
    • Have their usernames tinted in purple, green, teal, red or orange.
    • Will NEVER EVER ask you for your password.
    • Will not send you PMs asking if you want to beta-test the Battle System or any other feature!
    • May have [NPC] in front of their name, but never anything else like "[MOD]."
    • Aren't jerks! Except maybe Ron Bruise...

    • Do not have purple, green, teal, red or orange usernames.
    • Will ask you for your password so they can hack you!
    • Will tell you that you will get gold for clicking on mysterious links (they are lying).
    • Will try to trick you by having phony names like "MOD BANNING BOT" or something. The only automated accounts that will PM you are the "admin" account and "[NPC]" accounts with red usernames. And they will NEVER ask for your password!
    • Will add things like "[MOD]" and "[NCP]" (notice that it is nCp instead of nPc) in front of their names to try to trick you! Some people use [NCP] as a roleplaying thing; those people aren't necessarily jerks. But if they ask for your password, REPORT 'EM!
    • Are JERKS!

    If anyone ever asks for your password in a PM, even if they seem to have a reasonable story and you're totally convinced that they're a mod (hint: they're not a mod if they ask for your password!), report the PM right away so we can ban the heck out of the jerk who sent it to you!

    If this all sounds too complicated, just remember this: don't ever give anybody your password for any reason! There is absolutely no reason that a real mod or admin will ever, ever need to ask for your password!

  • Beware of buying Gaia gold or items for real money!

    The following section doesn't apply to Monthly Collectibles, Gift Credits, or anything else sold officially on gaiaonline.com; it only applies to items bought on third-party sites or auction sites.

    Paying real money for Gaia gold or items is against our Terms of Service and is a total waste of money. The gold and items being sold on the internet are botted or hacked, which means that people who buy them will get in trouble!

    Here is a timeline of what will happen when someone buys Gaia gold or items with real money:

      [1] A Gaian pays some jerk on the internet for Gaia Gold or a rare item.
      [2] The jerk takes the Gaian's money.
      [3] We catch the jerk botting or hacking (we always catch 'em).
      [4] The jerk gets banned!
      [5] We check the jerk's trade history and see that he sent a Gaian a large amount of gold or a rare item.
      [6] We ban the Gaian for profiting from botting/hacking! Ouch!
      [7] The Gaian is sad because he wasted a bunch of money just to get banned! Alas!

    Does that sound like a good way to spend money? Not really!

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