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Good evening, Gaians!

This is Cindy Donovinh from Gaia Action 9 News, bringing you the week's most compelling news events, including information about site updates, a few words about Gaia's terrifying Halloween spectacle, and some long-awaited information about one of Gaia's hottest upcoming features. Stay tuned!

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Yes, we know that you've been waiting around forever for a glimpse of the Battle System. We've been talking about it for so long that you've probably resigned yourself to the idea that it will never really happen... Well guess what, buster!?

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(Click the picture to make it BIG! Just like in the movie "BIG" starring Tom Hanks, but with clicking instead of a weird genie machine. What? You haven't seen "BIG"? Go rent it!)

Hey pal, do you know what that is? It's a screenshot that shows off concepts from our working demo of the GAIA BATTLE SYSTEM!

We've still got a long way to go, but we're making great progress!

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There have been a few little changes around the site that we should bring to your attention:

  • PM Reporting: We've added a way to report inappropriate PMs to the moderators. Now, if some jerk is harassing you, sending chain letters, or asking for your password, you can nail 'em to the wall with the red "Report This PM" button in the private message window. When you report a message, please read the reporting screen so you can use the feature wisely!

    Here are some tips:
    • Report anyone who sends you inappropriate pictures. Yecch!
    • Report any content that promotes hatred of a group of people. Racism is for jerks!
    • You already know that chain letters are the dumbest things in the world, right? Good! So report 'em!
    • Anyone claiming to be a Gaia staff member and asking for your password is not one of us! It's some doofus trying to hack you. Report the doofus's PM posthaste, and we'll ensure the prompt removal of said doofus from our happy internet world.
    • Please don't report people for swearing or being dumb, unless they are seriously harassing you or breaking the Terms of Service. Yes, some people swear and some people are dumb (they often go hand in hand), but those two things aren't specifically against the rules.
    • Abusing the report system by submitting meaningless or spammy reports will result in MODERATOR FURY! You don't even want to know what that is.

  • Profile Comment Pruning: Attention super-popular Gaian gadabouts: unfortunately, due to some issues with the profile system, we're planning to put a limit on the number of profile comments. Once the limit is put into place, only 500 profile comments can be stored for each user at once. So, when comment #501 is added, comment #1 will be deleted. Dang!

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Old Man Logan has emerged from his stupor once again! The loveable old grouch has posted the fishing trophies for October. Thanks again, Logan!

Click here to see a whole month of winners!

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All of us at Gaia would like to thank everybody who participated in the Halloween Event! Despite some technical glitches, we feel like it went off very well, and we hope you guys feel the same.

The housekeepers at the Gambino Mansion have been working overtime this week, clearing away bottles and cans and broken ray-guns and filthy probes. Rancher Bill and his idiot son have been toiling away in the fields, trying to stand all the cows upright; many were tipped, many were probed, and some of them were just plain drunk.

How the alien contact will affect Gaia's future is still unclear. Thousands of aliens, still a little woozy from all the zapping, have been strutting around the streets of Gaia like they own the place. Gambino and Mother have sealed themselves in a boardroom to discuss their plans for Red Bino and Zurg. Could a merger be in the cards? We'll just have to wait and see...