Hello, This is Cindy Donovinh with Gaia Action 9 News. Reports of alien activity have been steadily on the rise. Our Towns are under constant monitoring by flying saucers, and the mysterious disappearances of several administrators have caused panic and paranoia in the populace.

Action 9 is following the story closely. Here's a brief update on the latest developments:

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Our amazing team of developers has once again blessed us with another outstanding new feature: Gaia Jigsaw! It's far better than a real jigsaw puzzle, because your dog can't eat the pieces and barf them out on the carpet!

Now you can test out your puzzlin' skills against your friends and foes, and earn piles of Gold and special items. There are four difficulty levels, so you can solve a quick puzzle in no time, or a huge and complicated one at a leisurely, grandma-like pace. What are you waiting for? A formal invitation from the duke? Go play it now!

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As Halloween draws ever nearer, the plot has begun to thicken like sausage gravy left out in the cold! Allow us to heat it up with piping-hot biscuits of news:

There's been a massive influx of extra-terrestrial activity in Gaia Towns! A dozen UFOs and (one heck of a massive alien mothership) have been buzzing around our fair neighborhoods like shiny alien bees! Some of them are friendly, some of them are abusive, and some of them don't quite seem to be right in the head...

Rumors of a romantic relationship between "UFO 9" and a Gaian have been spreading like wildfire. Can it be true? Is it strange, is it perverse, or is it meant to be?

Millionaire gadabout Ron Bruise has been scampering around Towns as well, preferring the fountain in the center of the 001919 district, as well as his own tastefully-appointed home. Has he said anything of substance? No! But it's nice to see his smiling face nonetheless (or is it?). Ron's involvement with the aliens is still unknown, but one thing has become abundantly clear: "WHOOOOOO!"

Recent reports indicate that Mr. Bruise has taken to wandering around with no pants on. A little risqué perhaps... or should we say Risky? Take a gander at those cheesy boxers! Yecch!

Something alarming is afoot: several Gaia administrators have been abducted! Where have they been taken? Are they being wined and dined by alien fat-cats in swanky Zurg country clubs, or are they lying on operation tables with tubes sticking out of every available orifice (including some newly-created ones)? We just don't know. Perhaps even more disturbingly, alien heartthrob UFO 9 has recently gone missing! What in the world is happening around here?

Reaction to the aliens has been mixed; some Gaians, fearful that the aliens might have evil intentions, have joined a shadowy organization known as GIB (Gaians in Black). The GIB are committed to gathering as much information about the aliens as possible, in an attempt to head off any possible annihilation that the aliens may have in store. They claim not to be anti-alien, but they certainly don't seem to put much trust in our intergalactic visitors!

Several smaller pro-alien groups, such as PETU (People for the Ethical Treatment of UFOs) and GIT (Gaian Investigation Team) have started, but few have managed to gain the popular foothold that the skeptical cynics of the GIB now enjoy.

Only time will tell what the true intentions of the aliens are...

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Reports are the backbone of our moderation system. Without reports, it would be chaos around here!

Our moderators spend hours upon hours every day going through thousands of reports and warning or banning those hackers and trolls who would dare to break our sacred rules. Sometimes it takes us a while to catch up, since we get approximately one hundred bazillion reports every day, but we always do our best!

However, not everyone uses the report system effectively. We'd be forever grateful if you'd read a few tips about how to make things easier for the mods:

  • When you're reporting a hacking or scamming issue, you only need to report it once. Even if it's been weeks or months and we still haven't solved your case and returned your stuff, reporting again won't speed the process up. It's like pressing an elevator button over and over: it may feel like you're making progress, but the first press was the only one that mattered. In fact, reporting the same thing more than once just jams up our report system and slows everything down.

  • When you report a member for breaking the rules in a forum, it's not necessary to post in the thread saying that you've reported them. In fact, it's considered spam. And then somebody might report you, creating an endless spiral of reports and reports of people reporting reports. It boggles the mind! gonk

  • After you submit a report on the forums, your duty is complete. Some people watch their sentboxes like hawks and PM the moderators to complain if a report was not handled how they thought it should be handled. Don’t be that guy! The mods know what they're doing, and they have a good reason whenever they ban (or choose not to ban) a member.

heart But despite our whining, we love it when you send in reports! Our whole system relies upon you guys helping out with our moderation, and we sincerely thank all of you who have faithfully reported hackers and troublemakers! heart