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YAY Summer camp! I've never been into one of those IRL, so this sounds like fun to me mrgreen Oh... those hints... I want... I want... *crosses fingers* whee

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Awesome newsletter. Fun with the staff, humor, news about the summer event, and the grand return of MC hints. biggrin

Though there was one weird thing - I got a copy in all my email boxes (for this account and my mules), and in one of them the image didn't come through. Can't figure out why, it doesn't normally strip or block images...
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Thank you so much for bringing us this news. It has great info and I love the hint about the July item even though I have no idea what it means lol. Brunosmad and Fleep are brothers?? Oh. xd
heart thanks
Harry Potter!
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Oh, I love this...Please keep it up.
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Whee, a Gaia Online Newsletter heart

Hmm, well I've personally never been to a summer camp...
Let alone any sort of camp (I'm squeemish around creepy crawlies).
I look forward to Gaia's Summer Event!
I love having the pools, hot-tubs and water balloons/guns back in the Towns.
Fun, fun~

P.S. As for July's Monthly collectible, I predicted either an animal-themed MC or a glittery MC.
A woolly and wild item...
That's sort of close to an animal theme...hehe
can anyone donate? i need 60k sweatdrop

She's fresh to death,
She'll be the death of you,
Seduction leads to destruction.
She's fresh to death,
And she'll be the death of me,
She's fresh but not so clean.

Harry Potter! mrgreen
Nice format. Can't wait to see how this summer camp event plays out. I love Salute Your Shorts and the Ernest movies. biggrin
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I like that email. blaugh

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