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Its about time... I've been waiting for eleven days to find out the MC hint. I wish all that gold went to me XD
Oh, and...

~First post!!~
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Thats an insane amount of gold removed.
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MC Hint seems promising. whee
Yay! New plot to come! <3
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Maybe the MC will have something to do with Romeo and Juliet?

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Yay first page : D

I'm excited for this month's MC release. Gaia's been doing better with them than they have since the CS opened.
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Oh whoa thats alot of tons D:
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Tragic romance? =.=

...a bad romance? :3
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.xxxYouandmexcouldwritexaxbadxromancexxx. ArJay ಠoಠ

I want your horror. I want your design.
Cause you're a criminal, as long as your mine.
I want your love. Love- love- L O V E
I want your love.

First page for me? biggrin
...either way, the MC's have been hit or miss for me as of late.
Oh and they said it's probably not the tragic love story you're thinking of.
So I don't buy into it being Romeo and Juliet.. sadly =/

I want your loving, and i want your revenge
You and me could write and bad R O M A N C E.
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh!
Caught in a bad romance
Well! Updates, updates updates!
The updates are always so lovely. <3
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this is our guess

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