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The Sentinel returns?
I can't wait! I've missed her this past... what has it been, a month?
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4laugh Yay. <33
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A new revamped MC?
Cool I got to get one and wait to find out what it is.
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Ooooh, I'm excited to see Sentinel brought back! heart
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yayz Sentinel's returning ^^ and a revamped mc sounds exciting. can't wait :3

Edit: gaia should make a coco car too ^w^
heart heart heart heart heart heart
Oh thanks Cindy And Admis xd Sentinel is back agian
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Yen Quest
Yen Quest
Cindy, did you just used the switch gender feature? gonk
lol it seems that wayUser Image
It's a trap! scream

Looks like we're going to be having another competition between the two demigods (or used to be demigods).

I would be cool if Sen. and Overseer could work together in this event. I'm tired of people getting caught up in competition and being rude.

EDIT:Also I am very glad that Overseer is back. User Image He has some how with only one event become my favorite NPC. Also I hope he doesn't wear that hat so much this time. I prefer seeing his face.

i like the sentinel more, but i do like the factthat they are back. I doubt that they will be fighting again, though. Once someone is stripped of their powers, they may see the true folly of their ways.

Even the overseer was an extremist in his views.

Nonetheless, I hope the fighting ended and we can actually see them on gaia more often as NPCs for things other than fighting. ^^
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I'm going to guess something like Jack Frost or Frosty the Snowman as far as the MCs go. And I agree with the guesses before me, silver laurels would be awesome!

As far as the Overseer goes, I'd like to see him go to Gaia jail for indecent exposure (with her Infernal Majesty "laughing all the way" ), but then again I'd also like to lock up Dr. Singh for child abuse, so they may not listen to me.... stare
I'm really excited to see the event and the MC's this month! whee
everything's soooo great this december, gaia wink
i bet one of the MCs will be the mythrill laurels, since you mentioned the word "shimering" cool
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remade classic MC's ??

gaia is getting out of ideas

but i hope is a good classic MC
Shimmering new revamp? Hmm... Goti clips got redone into Goti the kid, maybe Bani clips are next?
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I bet the shimmering item is mythril laurels! I'm very excited for the kiki car and x-mas event as well ^^ Long live the Sentinel and the crotch of glory!
they could to elemental mini wings biggrin
or a silver version of the omg hat biggrin
or a white nightmare scarf biggrin
white/sliver demon horns biggrin

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