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Can't wait for the event!
So does this mean that the soul bound items we received in October will be getting a makeover soon? *blinks*
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sounds like fun. hahaha. do we have to chose again?? sucks but itll be fun
A revamp on an old MC, eh? Maybe the halo...?

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Oh wow...this will be awesome.
Bishin'! Can't wait heart
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and Overseer too.
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kiki car heart
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This sounds really awesome! I can hardly wait.
Do we get gold back for rally yet?

If not, this is just a gold sink and nothing more.

Unless you're the kind to go somewhere to randomly cyber chat with people.

MCs? Please.

Give us something we'd actually want this time.

Make it worth the gold we have to pay for it.

I'm sick of seeing the MP values go up and the quality lacking.

[Although I mean no disrespect for the artists and their work..]

It's more so the ideas and how they get implemented.


And the DemonBusters Event?

Don't get me started.

Something tells me you still are trying to patch things up with anyone who [correctly] insisted that the whole event was glitched so badly a winner could not properly be chosen.

I'm all for Gaia changing for the better, but so far it looks pitiful at best.

The event looks great! <3
I can't wait!!!
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♠♥ Awesome! ♥♠
OMG go overseer!! kiki car <3 x-mas event YAAY heart heart
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Kiki car looks epic.
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I would be cool if Sen. and Overseer could work together in this event. I'm tired of people getting caught up in competition and being rude.

EDIT:Also I am very glad that Overseer is back. User Image He has some how with only one event become my favorite NPC. Also I hope he doesn't wear that hat so much this time. I prefer seeing his face.
I don't really have much interest in the two, but I'll agree about people being majorly rude because of competition. I hope this event isn't about pity, because we have way too many of that in previous xmas events. xD

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