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Her boobs are great! xD whee
that is an interesting point
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that girl is sixteen and has what seems like a D cup
im fourteen and i still have an a cup yes i actually am a girl XD no, i dont ship edwin, i dont care if it is canon, i dun like it emotion_donotwant
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get bigger every season. eek Like, watch later on episodes of FMAB and see how much bigger they get each season....

Let's talk about Winry's boobs.

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i love her
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I'm cosplaying winry next year at anime iowa and the first picture you posted is one of the outfits I'll do 3nodding
Is there like,an alchemy on Winry's boobs?
FMA is so epic <_> Lol
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The story takes place over the course of a few years, It'd be more surprising if they didn't grow.

Also, I imagine a lot of the people in this same thread would be upset.
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The show's story takes place over a long period of time, so it would make sense that they got bigger as the show progressed. mrgreen
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All Brotherhood does is follow the manga in this. Both Ed and Winry are pretty much still kids in their attitudes (and Ed looks a lot younger than fifteen), but as the series progresses, Ed gets a lot more broad-shouldered first, then his face gets more mature, his muscle definition gets sexier and sexier... and Winry gets a more defined waistline and more rounded cleavage. Ed gets a shower scene to show how he's progressing, and Winry has a bathtub scene and nearly taking her top off so anyone who wants can enjoy. It's an all-round festival of sexy!

I love fan service. biggrin
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Captain Thundaclap
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This thread, i like. cool

woa whee nice pic mrgreen
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Captain Thundaclap
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This thread, i like. cool

woa whee nice pic mrgreen

Won't show up on my screen, but i'm glad you can atleast enjoy it. emotion_awesome
It keeps getting bigger

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