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get bigger every season. eek Like, watch later on episodes of FMAB and see how much bigger they get each season....

Let's talk about Winry's boobs.

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I first noticed how big they were in Brotherhood's 3rd ending...
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hahaha…i never rly noticed it till ya brought dat up..LOL… rofl all i ever noticed was just Ed's hair length…its short in the original shows, then its long in the FMA movies, and then its short in Brotherhood, then l8ter in the series, its long again…lmfao.. xd
For some reason he looked more cuter and mature in the newer version.
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heart I love her heart
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heh, i never noticed.
All Brotherhood does is follow the manga in this. Both Ed and Winry are pretty much still kids in their attitudes (and Ed looks a lot younger than fifteen), but as the series progresses, Ed gets a lot more broad-shouldered first, then his face gets more mature, his muscle definition gets sexier and sexier... and Winry gets a more defined waistline and more rounded cleavage. Ed gets a shower scene to show how he's progressing, and Winry has a bathtub scene and nearly taking her top off so anyone who wants can enjoy. It's an all-round festival of sexy!
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I noticed that as well. Does she take enhancers inbetween shows? Or does she get a lot more attention from Edward and we don't know about it? Or is it because she's in that valley place where she is living with a cross dresser?
Brotherhood rocks!! heart
....maybe it's showing that she's maturing? i was a little more preocupied with following the storyline and squee-ing over Envy's little form later in the show to worry about the cup sizes of the famale characters.
never really thought about it o.o
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indeed! 3nodding they are glorious!! cat_eek
My guess she's growing and developing as a woman. Also I think they will keep it the same size next season
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Ed also gets taller and his muscles become more defined as the series progresses as well. When the story starts, she's about fifteen, and ends when she's around 18. Boobs tend to grow around then.
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This thread, i like. cool

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