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no one likes Al burning_eyes
i think he's cute, but compared to his brother...................
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Roy Mustang, the flame alchemist!!!! burning_eyes
Edward =u.u=
i have to say Edward and Al their just to adorable whee
GREED/LING!!! > biggrin
Al is adorable though ;P
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From that list, Edward. Envy is cute, though in a cutish way. Dunno about sexy. But I love his hair and style, btw >:[ And cute Al.

...BUT, the sexy one of all characters I'd have to say is Kimblee. Hehe.

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Must say Ed heart
Hughes. haha. ^.^ He's my favorite. LoL
That and Envy. xD
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Edward: The most godly anime man ever. Expecially when paired with the heavenly voice of Vic Mignogna. I love his looks, especially his eyes. I'm married to him according to most of my friends at school.

Roy mustang: He's pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself. NOT in a miniskirt. XP

Scar: At first I didn't like him, but honestly he's really hot. The hair and tattoos are awesome too.

Havoc: He's pretty cute, but I don't like the smoking.

Hughes: He's more handsome really. I'd rather have him as a BFF. Plus I don't date married men.

Envy: Well... If you can get past the androgenous factor and the fact that he's a walking palm tree ( whee ) he's actualy pretty cute 3nodding . Not like, uber sexy, but cute. I think he'd be a great kitty cat_4laugh . My bff is married to him.

Al: He's too innocent to be smexy. He's just downright adorable!!!

And yes, you forgot Greedling!! He is second on my list... So sexy...
Kimblee is alright too I guess. If you like the creepybad boy type... wink
Me obviously
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I like men with stubble. >:3
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ha lolz rofl
That scene in Brotherhood where Roy is flaming Lust? Talk about HOT. =D

Roy is totally the sexiest. And that coming from a dude. BTW not gay,

I have to agree, that I am rather lost as to why Envy made a list unless someone tends to find psychopaths sexy...

Also Hughes, Totally not a wuss, crybaby, coward, pansy, wimp, OR sissy in my Opinion.

Total Bad-a**

If this was a "Who is more Bad-a**" I would Say Hughes. All the way.

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