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So, i want to watch fullmetal alchemist but i dont know if i should watch FMA or FMAB first. Any adivice? which one is better?
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Both series are practically the same only the "Brotherhood" version is more true to the manga.

In my opinion I prefer the original FMA over "Brotherhood". I didn't even start watching the other one til after I read the manga.

Otherwise, it doesn't matter which you watch first. They are both good series.
I watched the original Fullmetal Alchemist first, and that's what I would suggest. After seeing both series, I prefer FMA:Brotherhood but both are freaking awesome! Either way, you'll love it.
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Anything that both animes do, the original anime does better.
There are things in the original that do not get screen time (or get very limited screen time) in FMAB that they expect you to know about.
After episode 14, FMA diverges from the comic's plot massively and becomes weird.
FMAB is an adaptation of the complete comic.

They are both worth watching. Each having their own charms, but if you're only going to watch one, watch FMAB
What I would recommend is watching the original first and then either reading the manga or watching brotherhood.
I liked FMAB over FMA. As said, watch FMA first then FMAB. The ending in FMAB was better than in FMA (in my opinion).
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I watched fma before reading the manga to any extent then fmab came out and I preferred fmab. after watching fmab I rewatching fma I would always think "ugh that's now how it was originally supposed to be"..
so I would suggested fma first to prevent that
I liked FMA. but I loved Brotherhood. IMO, Brotherhood has a much better ending, but the FMA movie definitely has an interesting twist on FMA's ending and story.

I suggest watching both, but starting with FMA, and then Brotherhood. :>
I would choose FMAB because it kinda sticks to the manga a lil more and it has like a darker feeling than FMA. Either one is ok tho
I say watch 2003 first, and then Brotherhood.
That's how me and my boyfriend did it, and it felt far more rewarding that way. I feel 2003 got us used to the characters and gave us a great connection to them, and then when we got to Brotherhood, it was the same, as if the story never really ended. We think both of them are still amazing. Just start with 2003 first though.

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