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wait wahh....i like fma... sweatdrop
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brotherhood duh
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I loved the original~
this brotherhood thing just stinks. gonk
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I prefer the original anime...I think there was a lot more emotion and power behind it than the Brotherhood series...I don't care that it wasn't based on the manga, a great anime shouldn't be put down just because it doesn't follow its paper-printed predecessor...

I agree with this 100 percent.
I love both, but I like the original better.
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I followed the manga for the last two years of its run, so I didn't really experience any of the pacing issues of Brotherhood that some of you are referring to (mostly because I knew what was coming and what was happening), plus I got to see it all unfold in full detail. And I really enjoyed the manga and where it went.

However, the original anime was also very, very solid considering they had to branch off and do their own thing when they caught up to the manga. Usually this is when s**t hits the fan, but they held together and made something of their own. I feel like the original anime did some things right, and so did the manga... If I had to pick I would say that I do prefer the manga version, only because it was cohesive from start to finish by virtue of being written by the same person who knew which direction she wanted to take. But the original anime was also very, very good. I'd be hard-pressed to decide which one to show my little sister.
I hated the manga
so naturally I hated Brotherhood.

Taking the manga out of the equation (which seems to be pretty much one of the only supports it even has), it's just not that good.
The pacing is terrible, the animation is mediocre, and it's pretty.... meh.

True, there were lots of iffy moments in the original anime as well, but as a whole, it came together much better.
At least it took its time and let you actually care about what happened to the characters instead of going "Hi here's the show. Here's Hughes. Oh, he's dead. Here's a quick funeral. Okay, moving on."

So I think the original is better.

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My sis says it's a good show, but Ive never tried it
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I personally couldn't get into the first one. Just meh. But I appreciate it now that I'm older. Although I'd have to say Brotherhood is my favorites. Many heartstring tugging moments, and I just spaz over it.
the first one the remake was stupid confused
I love them both. I think Brotherhood has a much more solid plot with a real ending instead of whatever that was in the original. But the original had better fight scenes that didn't always get interrupted by dumb jokes.
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The original has a lot more emotion behind it, but the Brotherhood one has a lot more meaning. I guess Brotherhood wins it for me.
I like the original. It was a bit shorter than fmab, but it was more serious and emotional. smile
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I nearly had no idea what you were saying for a bit.
I still haven't seen or bother to watch Brotherhood, even I had watch only one episode of it.

A lot is going on with the first FullMetal Alchemist. Thought something a little confusing, but we learn to love some of the characters, like calling Edward "Mr. Shorty".

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fmab it has a lighter ending and works out better in my opinion.

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