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* Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric)
* Todd Haberkorn (Ling Yao)
* Sonny Strait (Maes Hughes)
* Chris Patton (Greed)
* Aaron Dismuke (Alphonse)
* Maxey Whitehead (Alphonse)

I love Sonny Strait, and am so happy he's coming to Anime Midwest in Chicago. heart Hughes is the greatest.... <3 And Todd Haberkorn is going, so win-win!

(Keep this thread positive plz.)
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Vic Mignogna and who ever played Al in the 2003 anime. Mostly want to meet them because I got both of their autographs in person and I ended up losing the posters that had the autographs. I can't believe I even lost those.
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Laura Bailey.

Reason? She is great as Lust and I love all her work.

...and ever."
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As far as FMA actors, I've already met Vic Mignona, Monica Rial, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Caitlin Glass, Chris Cason, Brina Palencia, Eric Vale and Chris Sabat.

I would LOVE to meet Luci Christian.
Troy Baker

Chris Patton isn't the only guy that voices Greed! I totally prefer Troy. Troy should've voiced the first Greed in the 2003 anime AND FMAB. Would've been perfection.
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Chris Patton hands down!
I love greed, one of my favorite homunculus and sin lol 3nodding
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Definitely Vic
I've already met the voice actor of Roy Mustang
And Lust
I'm on mission to get as many of the cast's signatures as possible 3nodding
vic mignogna dramallama
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The only English voice actor I'd love to meet is Steve Blum.

I'd rather like to meet the Japanese cast of FMA instead English.
Vic Mignogna. Not just because of Edward, but all of the other people he voices too.
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I've met Vic Mignogna a couple of times. The first time I met him I was SUPER freakin' excited... I loved him, he could do no wrong. It was in 2006 when the first FMA was out and I was at the height of my obsession, I was dressed as Edward Elric and handed him a painting I did for him and everything. I met him again in 2010 and was not so impressed, he's either changed or I was blinded by the stars in my eyes the first time, but he'd turned into a complete jerk! He's slated to be at SakuraCon in a couple of weeks and I hope to freakin' hell he was just having a bad weekend or something because he seemed like a real sweetheart in 2006, I was totally disappointed in 2010.
I've also met Chris Patton, Todd Haberkorn, Troy Baker, Wendy Powell and Luci Christian - Sadly by the time I had met all of them I had completely forgotten about their roles in FMA and gushed at them over various other anime roles I was a fan of, but they were all still cool.

The one FMA VA I am dying to meet though is Travis Willigham - Roy Mustang! As well as Colleen Clickenbeard and Sonny Straight (Riza Hawkeye and Maes Hughes), that would be so awesome. If I managed to meet those three then I will have met all of my favourite characters' voice actors O.O
Travis Willingham's voice makes me all melty. I'd like to meet him, but I fear regressing to puddle form.
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Junichi Suwabe, with a translator, please.

Never watched the English version because Vic's voice ruined it for me. I can't watch a show where the 15 year old main character sounds like a chronic smoking 50 year old on helium.
For me ti would be Vic Mignogna. And I would probably just babble and drool till security dragged me away. xp
Troy Baker (2nd Greed)

Already saw Vic Mignogna. Didn't get to MEET him, but I DID get him to say, "WHO'RE YOU CALLIN' A LEPRECHAUN?" in Ed's voice. 4laugh

So I guess I DID meet him, but not meet-meet him, if you know what I mean. Like, I didn't get an autograph or a pic. Cuz then he had to go answer more questions and the autograph line WAS SO LONG.

I waited 2 hours in line with friends, and then we went home.

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