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Id suggest both.

The first series is flat out awesome, no lie. I loved it.

But the second series follows the original storyline much, much better, and I also like it a tit bit better.

But if I were you, I'd watch both.
FMA Brotherhood heart
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Brotherhood is better in my opinion
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Watch Both!

Well you don't actually have to since both anime's stand independently on their own because they don't rely on each other. However they have very different story plots. Keep in mind that if you have read the manga then you really don't have to see FMA Brotherhood since is follows the manga story plot very closely it's also easier to follow, storyline wise.

Personally I like both versions of the anime but that is just my opinion.
Taking everything into account, and all the things everyone here has very kindly said...

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why not both

1st anime in my opinion is very
Both, but watch the original first. brotherhood isn't as serious and emotional, but you should still see it. Just see it second.
Hello nice to meet you,here is my answer:As anime series Fullmetal Alchemist appeard first but Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood follows the events related in the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga.I recomend that you watch them both because in each of these anime appear notions that don't appear in the other one.
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I'm aware that there's two 'versions' of FMA, there's the original then there's FMA: Brotherhood. I was told to watch Brotherhood as it's better, but then I was told to watch both. I'd rather not watch both, but if I have to I guess I will. >.<

In your opinion, which one should I watch? The first, Brotherhood, or both? Thanks. ^-^

Definitely both but just because I really need my FMA fix O.O
As far as an order, there really isn't one. I watched '03 version before I watch '09 version (mainly due to the fact that it wasn't released). If I had the option I wouldn't have changed anything. '03 gave a great story and a good introduction to the cast. '09 amped it up by giving you a much grander story to wrap your head around.
brotherhood its better and its plot makes sense. wink
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Watch both.
I prefer the first anime because it's the one I grew up watching and loving.
I had watched brotherhood when it came out just because it was another series. I like them both, but I prefer FMA more.

I saw the original anime first, watched it all before I read the manga and knew there was Brotherhood. It was good but later on in it I started to dislike it. I watched the movie as well and was still meh about it.

Then I found Brotherhood! Couldn't stop watching it, and completely fell in love. In my opinion it was much better than the original, plot and all. I'm now currently taking the time to read the manga.

Over all they were both good and both worth watching. I don't think it matters which you watch first, yes I think Brotherhood was MUCH better but thats just my opinion smile
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I'd suggest both. I know you said you didn't want to watch both, but you should. I watched the original first and then brotherhood, and I found the original series had more character development, but brotherhood had more story development.
Also... people say the original is more emotional, but personally, I thought brotherhood was WAY more emotional, probably just because of the different event that took place in each, and the stuff in brotherhood just affected me way more.
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Well I enjoy the original version more....
My boyfriend LOVES Brotherhood....
He really likes the original too, but he explains brotherhood as having more action, a lot more to the storyline........

I would watch BOTH if I were you. Start with the original and then go to brotherhood.
You'll prolly love both.

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