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As most fans know, FMA and FMAB/the FMA manga ended differently due to the series going different ways. So, which edning did you like better, the 1st anime ending or the 2nd anime/manga ending?
An ending where Gracia had a little brother or sister for Elicia!

Seriously, though, I"m a manga/Brotherhood fan. For me, [SPOILING AHOY], the idea that Ed and Al would end up on a different world where none of the other people they love or care for were is epically sad, especially since Ed went from declaring that he wouldn't kill a human to taking the lives of others with less and less regard for that action. I know that in the world, soldiers and other people face this choice all the time, but this is Edward Elric, master of the unexpected third option, which is what he does in the manga. He still loses something important, but keeps his principles and his moral code, AND his friends and family.
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I personally liked all of them
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hmmmm, i liked the 1st one better even tho it was kinda sad but i was glad the 2nd one had a happier ending
I liked the brotherhood ending better tbh
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I think both endings were great and fun in their own way. I liked the manga/brotherhood ending better though.
i prefer the brotherhood/manga ending. It made more sense than the first one to me. stare
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Oh! Though choice. The 1st anime is a bit darker than brotherhood so it would make sense that the ending would be more deep (is that the right word to use).
But the brotherhood ending makes more sense to me so....
I'm going with the brotherhood ending.
I prefer the FMAB/ manga ending.
I read the manga first and saw Brotherhood first, so I totally love FMAB's ending way more.

First FMA's ending was unique and hopeful, but also pissed me off cuz it lead to shitty Conqueror of Shamballa.
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1st anime ending
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I like the manga ending
Brotherhood/Manga ending. 3nodding
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Though the first ending was perfect at the time, i'm a fan of the brotherhood ending. heart
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I prefer Brotherhood. I actually just prefer Brotherhood in general.
I found the first ending a little bit... meh. I didn't really like it and to me it felt rushed.

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