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Fma 0.3 30.0% [ 6 ]
Fma:B 0.7 70.0% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 20 ]
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I was randomly thinking about the homunculi over this week and I came up with this question. I personally think that Wrath in Brotherhood is prutty awesome.
Thing is, when Fuhrer Bradley was introduced as Pride in 2003, it seemed wrong, because he was so... wrathful. I'm not saying that the version of Wrath they had wasn't wrathful, but for a personification of Pride, well, Bradley just was more angry than full of himself.
Honestly I thought Wrath in FMA would have fit as Envy better than Wrath. He was super jealous of Edward through the series, and it showed a lot more in his personality. Besides, Wrath in FMA:B definitely fit the part.
FMA:B wrath/king bradley is so much cooler than FMA wrath that stupid little annoying kid... granted the kid has some cool moments but all in all he is mostly annoying where as King Bradley is epic!
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King Bradley is like a bawse.But the kid is annoying and she has Ed's arm.
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The wrath in fma:b the one in the first fma I didn't like for some reason

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