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The Ghost Alchemist giving how pale and how quiet I move around.
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Desirable Shapeshifter

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever
Good question for a thread. I'd say AutumnLeaf-Wing. Big fan of Autumn/Fall as you can see eek
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Friendly Werewolf

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fist of fame (cuz my first dont ever get hurt :L
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Timid Lunatic

im not sure.... OH I GOT THIS!

the not sure aclhemist <3 yeaaaah buddieh dramallama
I would be the Dark Star Alchemist, an assassin alchemist that can make (and cure) chimeras.
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Yummy Alchemist~ (imma mochi bunay)
I would be the Dark Star Alchemist, an assassin alchemist that can make (and cure) chimeras.

Awwww, how adorable (in a kinda evil way) wahmbulance
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Dapper Gekko

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The Devastation Alchemist

My power would be to use all surroundings to crush my opponent, but I have no real specialty.
Of course it'd be and ancient armstrong secret so not many people would know how to use it.
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The Silver Alchemist. I specialize in martial arts and fighting with a bowstaff. I would be able to transmute a bowstaff or a handblade out of my automail.
The Weather Alchemist, because I love the physics of meteorology.
Cuntagious Alchemist
I would really want a role as an alchemist that not a lot of people see. You know, one who isn't afraid to really show his feminine side and can really relate to guys. I guess I just want an alchemist that represents someone of passion and heart. I was thinking maybe the Questionable Alchemist, which is someone who represents me a lot in a way because I've always been questioning myself about who I am and stuff, you know?
The Dark Demon Alchemist
Guardian Angel, its just wat i do help ppl so i might as well be called this razz

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