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iAlex Rawr
i'm not sure, i've never thought about me with alchemy or passing the state alchemy exam before...

I can second that.

But as I think about it, probably the "Lazy Alchemist" It explains itself.

that was the name that i waanted crying
grim reaper alchemist
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Anime Alchemist xd
Angel Bruja
i'm not sure, i've never thought about me with alchemy or passing the state alchemy exam before...

I haven't bought that much about it either. Although I would like to somehow control earth and wood.

that'd be pretty cool
I would be a unique alchemist, the Alchemist of Soul. Soul energy from killed enemies would be used as an alchemic substitute.
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Wheezing Fatcat

The Kawaii Desu Neko Baka Chan Alchemist!


In all truth, If I'd even make it past the test without getting pissed off and walking out
and or failing it I'm not sure what I would be called.

Just because some names sound cool doesn't mean it'll fit you right off
the bat. Roy was amazing with fire, thus his name "The Flame Alchemist".
Bradley was trollin' Ed and pointed out he had metal limbs and thus "Fullmetal Alchemist".
Armstrong, "Strong-Arm Alchemist" due to his strength and no two names are the same.

P: .....

Maybe the "Annoying a** Alchemist"? I'm making that a crack name now
I mean, hey I've been told I'm a nice person and all but once you get to know me
I'm annoying beyond all Hell.

Or I can go 'cutesy' here and just say "The Musical Alchemist" I sound like a newbie D:

Screw it, I'd just be a homunculus and call myself Annoyance
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I never gave it a lot of thought in passing the state alchemist exam, but mine could probably be "the all knowing alchemist" for i would mainly specialize in memorizing a majority, if not all, of the alchemist circles. Therefore, I'd be very adaptable and flexible to any situation. ;]
Seiko of Darkness
The dark matter alchemist.

That's smart considering it's "everywhere" and if you can use it in your alchemy you have a near unlimited amount to work with in your transmutations...I like it
I would be the Life Bonding Alchemist because I would study how to bond a soul to an inanimate (or animate) object.
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Shameless Cutie-Pie

The Wave alchemist. I would be able to shape and manipulate water.
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Mine would be "The Smile Alchemist" I force smiles on people and don't let up until they do smile :3

LOL, yes! love it! blaugh
but i would beat the crap out of you if you did it to me emotion_awesome
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I would be the Lantern Alchemist. My specialty would be being able to create light with a solar energy I could store... Or sparks. HWAH!
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The Blue Water Alchemist.
Dark world Alchemist
I'd be "The Blade Born" Alchemist. I'd use alchemy to forge a katana and reinforce it from the carbon inside my slain foes bodies (Using greed's idea of his perfect shield to make an insanely strong blade) I'd also focus on throwing off opponents by transmuting blades out of the materials their body's composed of while we fight (Kinda like Kimbly) and out of anything I can see. Stone, metal, anything that will catch them off guard... never know where the next one's coming from, or I might just take them out myself for fun? Who ever said being a dog of the military didn't have its perks? rofl

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