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The Swords Alchemist.
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The Bright Alchemist because I would specialize in manipulating light and energy
The Pumpkin Alchemist
Death-Bind Alchemist,
Production, Manipulation and application of Tetrodotoxin
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Diaper Alchemist
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Shy Gaian


I've given myself a name for it in the past, but I can't remember what it was. I don't have time to go through all my old drawings.
I'd probably have to say....The Nature Alchemist.
That sounds dumb, I might come back and edit when I find out what it really was.

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Envy says:

"Never gave it much thought myself, ha, I'm too busy messing with people to think one up."

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
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Liquid-Blade Alchemist
Maybe the Wind Shadow Alchemist, with agility and shadows???
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*looks at self* um....
The Soundwave Alchemist.

I would use the sounds I hear around me as well as my own voice to my advantage.
The Scarlet Rain alchemist. Wherever Raynse go,a rain of blood soon follows...
The Scarlet Rain alchemy : ability to manipulate liquid. Any liquid, including blood. If Raynse touches you, he can manipulate your blood any way he wants; he usually makes it rush out in a fast stream, leaving a rain of blood.
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Dangerous Smoker

The Street Fighter Alchemist.
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The Murderous Alchemist.

It might not actually be a form of alchemy, but I'm still going to bore you to death.
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Gracious Mage

My title would be "Silent Alchemist".
I would simply draw my circles and beat the s**t out of people without saying a word.


I'm not a great speaker.

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