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Heroic Hero

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  • The Wolf Within 100
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Generous 100
The Storm Alchemist.

The ability to harness lightning and aqua, but only with storms around.
So... I am not much of a help... sweatdrop
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Shameless Heckler

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  • Risky Lifestyle 100
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Molten alchemist,
The ability to melt anything with a powerful heat blast, and immunity to fire.
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  • Alchemy Level 1 100
  • Autobiographer 200
  • Tycoon 200
Hm......I think 'Nox Alchemist' would be cool.Nox is Latin for night,so it would probably some form of manipulative alchemy(EG:distorting light and how it bendsrefracts).
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Blessed Hunter

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  • Destroyer of Cuteness 150
The Writing Alchemist, because I write A LOT and my alchemy would be involved with ink and writing on things to change 'em and stuff.
The Naked Alchemist. I think the name is sufficient. :3
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Vicious Lunatic

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  • Protector of Cuteness 150
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
  • Destroyer of Cuteness 150
The Wandering Alchemist, because I never stay in one place for long.
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High-functioning Sleuth

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  • Team Jacob 100
  • The Wolf Within 100
Well.. I have a character that I used to use in FMA rps. My gals signature character traits are 'Dark Flames' and her state title is called the 'Darkness Flame' Alchemist.

But you see there is a large back story for my character where she alters her companion Chimeras, which her father had rescued from a research facility. A beautiful song bird with long tail feathers (Phoenix), a palm sized lizard with wings (mini dragon), a black cat, a ferret and a companion Wolf. She can alter them by making them grow and attaches her alchemy to them which they are immune to. Though in rather serious fights it is normally just her, but she adapts traits of each of her companions- to do this though she has to use alchemy on herself as well- her companions turn into tattoos on her body that she can make any size and change their locations. She normally only does this with the cat and wolf as they are the most beneficial to her speed, agility and strength.
The Direwolf Alchemist xp
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Wealthy Fairy

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  • Wall Street 200
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
The Restoring Alchemist, because I specialize in medicine and reconstruction.
The awesome Alchemist:Being awesome
The Plucky Alchemist
I would have to say mine would be "elemental alchemist" i would use the elements around me with my alchemy, fire, water, air, and earth
"The Clown Alchemist." 8D

(Or "The Gravity Alchemist," since I love physics.~ -Shot.)
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Dapper Grabber

'art supplies' alchemist 'cause i need more art supplies _(:3」∠)_

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