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WHAT PARRING IS AWESOME TO YOU? BETWEEN GREED X ED heart OR GREEDLING X ED heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart OR LING X ED. heart heart heart heart heart heart
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Ed x Roy

Roy x Hughes

Roy x Havoc

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That's not a pairing, it's fandom.
But I am a sucker for EdxAl and RoyxHawkeye.
Maybe a little GreedxEnvy
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I like EdxWinry, AlxMei, RoyxHawkeye, LingxLanFan, and RossxBrosh. (Would love for poor Havoc to find someone though! crying Maybe Sheska...)

Also read a EdxSheska fanfic once that wasn't too bad. Unusual pairing, but I liked it. ^^

Al wouldn't be too bad with Sheska either...and if Ed weren't in the picture, I'd also say AlxWinry. =w=

*likes FMA pairings XD*
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Roy x Riza

Ling x Lanfan
Mustang x King Bradley/Wrath

Greed x Envy

Greed!Ling x Ed
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Ed x Winry.
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EdxWinry xd
heart royXhawkeye heart
Favorite non-canon pairing: GreedxMartel.
Come on. It worked.
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Ah, fun topic! whee

Canon: EdxWinry, AlxMei, RoyxRiza, LingxRanfan, TrishaxHohenheim,

Wished to see: MariaxDenny, SheskaxHavoc or RebeccaxHavoc

Fanon: EdxAnybody *except his sibling* (Mostly Ling or Envy), RoyxHughes, LustxHavoc
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My fave is RoyEd
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Ed x Winry ◠‿◠
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heart royXhawkeye heart

Agreed! xd
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Ling vs. Ed hands down

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