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Well, this is a hard Q and A..... I would say Envy cause he always makes Ed mad! whee
Lust, because it was soooo good seeing her die like a b***h. lol I loved that part.
My favorite is so Envy from the original FMA and Pride from Brotherhood.♥
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Greed from both FMAs.

Runner up is Wrath because, lets face it, he killed a tank with swords.
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Greed! *swoon*
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Greed and Gluttony, Greed is awesome and Gluttony is adorable!!!
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Envy Forever! heart heart heart
twisted agreed
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Greed from both FMAs.

Runner up is Wrath because, lets face it, he killed a tank with swords.

Yeah Wrath earned some major points from me for that. That was his crowning moment in the whole series
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Greed and envy XD
Gluttony emotion_omnomnom
My favorite Homunculi would definitely be Pride / Wrath / King Bradley.

Mainly because he's probably the most skilled out of all of them,

and his techniques with the duel swords are some of the best fighting

I've ever seen in an anime.

His cold hearted personality is also awesome.
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I like greed, wrath, pride, and gluttony
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Envy and Lust (FMA:B) are a couple of my favorites.
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I think Greed was the only one I liked. He was pretty cool. whee

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