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Envy is...

male 0.57019064124783 57.0% [ 329 ]
female 0.077989601386482 7.8% [ 45 ]
genderless 0.28596187175043 28.6% [ 165 ]
other (please explain) 0.065857885615251 6.6% [ 38 ]
Total Votes:[ 577 ]
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If it would go like this:
MALE |----------------------------------------|?|----------------------------------------| FEMALE

I think Envy would be here:
MALE |------------------------------------X---|?|----------------------------------------| FEMALE

I see him (Wait did I just---) as a "nearly genderless" or more like that Envy is genderless but has some features of male gender. I dunno, Envy, Y U SO CONFUSING!
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Since I haven't watched brotherhood i can't say since they did change stuff apparently.
In the original however Envy is a male. The form you usually see him in is not his true form since he is actually a blonde. He doesn't take that form due to his hate towards his father (which is edwards father as well)
Yay for Envy and Ed + Al being half brothers lol
    Envy's genderless, but for the sake of making things easier, let's just call him a "he".

    In the manga and in Brotherhood, Envy's true form isn't human--or humanoid, even--it's that weird, huge, green monster, so I guess it follows that he doesn't have any particular gender. It's just that "normal" occasions, he'd rather take the shape of a 'man'.

    Also, I'd say the other homunculi--except Wrath (King Bradley) and Greed!Ling (and maybe Pride?)--wouldn't have particular genders either.

    I think, for the other homunculi, they just look the way they do (with particular genders and all) because that's how the sin they represent would be best visualized, I guess. But idk, only Arakawa knows, hahahaha
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Envy's gender is palm tree. ninja
he is a male xd
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Homunculi cant reproduce, so they're all genderless.
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From what I read in the booklets that came with the dvds I bought of both FMA and FMA Brotherhood, in the original he was technically male as his true form was that of a blonde man. But in FMA Brotherhood and manga, he's supposed to have no specific gender.

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Envy was originally male, but he can change his gender to be whoever he wants to be.
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Envy's gender is palm tree. ninja
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Now that there actually is a FMA subforum, I can repost my thread in the anime forum here.


What is Envy's gender?

I believe that from the previous thread, a bunch of people thought Envy was genderless cause Envy was a homunculus.....

But each of the homunculi took on some form of gender....

And I still can't tell. Does Envy have breasts or not?

(By gender I mean biological sex. But feel free to discuss whatever Envy's gender is as well

Envy being a homunculi, - affects both genders equally. Are the genders of the homunculi whatever gender is more "affected" or probably just what the artist portrayed them as, or going by mythology?)

By mythology, what is Envy usually?

Envy Is Male But Takes A Androganus Form (He Can Take ANY Form For Prefers The One He Is Normaly In) Also Those Are Not Boobs They Are Pecks.^^
I'm confuse if envy is either male or genderless, but in anime he's a male
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I think he's a male
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Envy is what ever you want most.
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Envy is male. Even though he can shape-shift into various animals and people, including looking like women (Maria Ross and Gracia Hughes, cases in point) he is still a guy. The English voice actor is still Wendy Powell. Not the first time an actress has done a male voice, and not the only one in Brotherhood. The actors for Selim Bradley (a.k.a Pride) and Alphonse are women too.
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it's a freak!!!

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