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Envy is...

male 0.57019064124783 57.0% [ 329 ]
female 0.077989601386482 7.8% [ 45 ]
genderless 0.28596187175043 28.6% [ 165 ]
other (please explain) 0.065857885615251 6.6% [ 38 ]
Total Votes:[ 577 ]
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Questionable Phantom

Now that there actually is a FMA subforum, I can repost my thread in the anime forum here.


What is Envy's gender?

I believe that from the previous thread, a bunch of people thought Envy was genderless cause Envy was a homunculus.....

But each of the homunculi took on some form of gender....

And I still can't tell. Does Envy have breasts or not?

(By gender I mean biological sex. But feel free to discuss whatever Envy's gender is as well

Envy being a homunculi, - affects both genders equally. Are the genders of the homunculi whatever gender is more "affected" or probably just what the artist portrayed them as, or going by mythology?)

By mythology, what is Envy usually?
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envy is a dude that sounds like a chick. if you're in doubt look it up in the original manga. ninja
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From what I read in the booklets that came with the dvds I bought of both FMA and FMA Brotherhood, in the original he was technically male as his true form was that of a blonde man. But in FMA Brotherhood and manga, he's supposed to have no specific gender.
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envy is both male and female, and neither. sorta like a hermaphrodite but not. Envy is Envy
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None of the homunculus have genders, they are just the seven deadly sins that Father discarded, so that he could become "a perfect being".
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I'd say Envy's genderless. In his previous life, he was male (since he used to be Hohenheim's son), but now, he doesn't really have a gender. At least that's what I think.
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IIRC, in the canon for the original anime adaption Envy was male.
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Toward the end of the first series, Envy said he was Ed and Al's brother. So I would assume Envy is a dude.
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honestly it depends. in the '03 version Envy is specifically male, but in brotherhood/manga Envy is basically androgynous or whatever the hell he wants to do. it's implied that Envy is male but really, Envy is whatever the hell ENvy wants to be...which then just gets confusing
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Everyone beat me to it... sad

But yea, in the original FMA, he's a male because he was Ed's and Al's brother, as said by Hohenheim. (Because the homunculi were the failed attempts to bring back a person, and... Yeah.)

In the manga and in Brotherhood though, he's gender-less, said by Roy, Father and Ed at a few points in the series, if I remember correctly.

But for all intents and purposes, I just say "he" because its easier and he looks more male. razz
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I always assumed he was androgynous (in Brotherhood).
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Envy is a male in anatomy (because Envy doesn't have a chest xd ), but is considered having no gender.
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Envy, though androgynous, is definitely male biologically, I think.
However, because he transforms his appearance, he probably can choose which to be.
And this is just his "human" form.
As a giant leviathan-like monster thing, He's probably a combination of genders whilst also being no gender at all.
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Wel, isn't Envy's true form some weird slug thing? Or am I thinking of another character..? Most of the time Envy is in a male-ish form, so it's probably what he is most comfortable in so that would make him a man, right? lol I always wondered about that.

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