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Envy is...

male 0.57019064124783 57.0% [ 329 ]
female 0.077989601386482 7.8% [ 45 ]
genderless 0.28596187175043 28.6% [ 165 ]
other (please explain) 0.065857885615251 6.6% [ 38 ]
Total Votes:[ 577 ]
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Violet-Eyed Envy
You people are killing me oh my god IT IS SO HARD TO NOT GO IN CHARACTER ON THIS THREAD!

Personally, I think Envy is whatever gender Envy feels like being at the moment, even if it's both... or neither. Our concepts of gender are probably, to Envy, something that holds humans back as a whole. They would mean little to nothing to him unless he could use them against us.

I still call him a he, though, because even in the manga (where Envy technically has no gender) the other homunculi call him male just to... avoid confusion, I guess.

Word. So true.
Hello, sorry... but PLEASE READ.

The origin of Envy is actually the homunculus of Hohenhime of Light's First Born son. makeing [Envy ]- Edward and Alphonse's older Half brother.
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Never occurred to me that Envy had a gender at all, but if I watched FMA again and listened for the voice, i might be able to tell :S
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Violet-Eyed Envy
envy is a shapeshifting homunculus who was creating from a human male & in the series Lust even calls Envy by "he". Not to mention the lack of boobs on the character.

Lack of boobs does not mean male, though. I've seen enough washboard women in my time.

i know. i'm just pointing out that envy really only sounds like a female. the rest looks male enough.
I say other because Envy can be anything it wants. I also believe Envy would be amazing in bed. Just saying. heart
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He was Ed's dad's son, so. SOONNN.

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Now that there actually is a FMAB subforum, I can repost my thread in the anime forum here.


What is Envy's gender?

I believe that from the previous thread, a bunch of people thought Envy was genderless cause Envy was a homunculus.....

But each of the homunculi took on some form of gender....

And I still can't tell. Does Envy have breasts or not?

(By gender I mean biological sex. But feel free to discuss whatever Envy's gender is as well

Envy being a homunculi, - affects both genders equally. Are the genders of the homunculi whatever gender is more "affected" or probably just what the artist portrayed them as, or going by mythology?)

By mythology, what is Envy usually? gaia_gaiagold
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Envy has no gender. he's like a Ken doll. flat chested with nothing downstairs.
Mrs Quark

He was Ed's dad's son, so. SOONNN.

about time someone notices the he is actually the homunculus of the first born son of Hohenheim of
Light's he was created because Dante and Hohenheim wanted to revive him. and thus they worked together to create the first philosophers stone." Dante and Hohenheim" use the philosiphers stone to try and bring back his first born son

the true form of envy can be seen here


no joke. this is actually what envy looks like powerless.

Envy's original human form is revealed in the penultimate episode of the 2003 series that he was created three hundred and eighty years ago by Hohenheim
Envy's true form as Hohenheim's son in the first anime. in an attempt to resurrect the son he and Dante conceived, who died from mercury poisoning when he was 18 years old. Envy held a great hatred towards him for never being acknowledged as his son and for abandoning him and Dante. As a result, he also hated his younger "half-brothers", Edward and Alphonse, as they obtained the fatherly love that he himself never received. When learning from Dante that Hohenheim was gone, Envy snapped at being denied from his wish to kill him. Dante, however, remarked that the Elric brothers are still alive and now have the Philosopher's Stone, as a consolation prize to curb his anger. The fact that they possessed the stone and would regain everything they lost made him more jealous of them and more intent on making them suffer as he had. However, Edward managed to see through his disguises and tricks until the Homunculus revealed his true form (an imitation of Hohenheim's deceased son with Dante) and his connection to Hohenheim. That stunt was all it took for him to successfully kill Edward, as the distraction gave him enough time to pierce him through the heart. He is then transported to the gate by Alphonse, meeting up with Edward again. Upon learning that Hohenheim was still alive on the other side of the Gate, he was able to successfully open and make his way through the doors. Once inside the Gate, the Gate Children attacked him, but he fought them off by transforming into Edward. Then, just before finishing his demand to see his father, he changed once again into his original human form. This is probably a way to get the Gate Children to take him to Hohenheim faster, which might explain the Edward transformation. By the time he made his way through to the other side, Envy became a serpentine dragon.
<detailed explanation here>

Aaah, but this is only in the 2003 anime, NOT in Brotherhood or the manga.
Hello, sorry... but PLEASE READ.

The origin of Envy is actually the homunculus of Hohenhime of Light's First Born son. makeing [Envy ]- Edward and Alphonse's older Half brother.

But in Brotherhood he's not. It actually doesn't say. In brotherhood the homunculus aren't made the same way. They're from one person known as Father who banished his sins to make himself separate from humans.
actually its the same way.. because father would have never been able to leave his flask to create the 7 sins based on his emotions. without 23's blood resulting in 23 never becomeing Von Hohenheim also resulting in Hoenheim's release as a slave thus he never would have met dante 380 years later, to have the original First born son which WHO DIES OF MERCURY POISONING. RESULTING IN DANTE AND HOHENHIME ATTEMPTING HUMAN TRANSMUTATION. and he would have never have been able to live 8000 years into the future to meet Trisha Elric never have giveing birth to Ed and Alphonse resulting in NO ANIME!!! beat that

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