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I've learned that Anime can be for an adult audience, and that a series can be popular and deserve the hype. I've also found some wonderful amvs.
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FMA has taught me that Avarice is more than just Greed. At first I hated him for his greediness, but as he changed into Greed/Ling, he taught me that if you have Greed, there is more to it than than just getting what you want.
I agree with you if it can be very interesting 3nodding
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fullmetal alchemist is a show i dont watch anymore cause i got bored of it
Well, aside for making me a shameless fanatic...

It definitely opened up my way of thinking. What I once called "a fair trade" when trading with someone is now known as an equivalent exchange, and I truly think about how the exchange is equivalent to one another.

What's more is the thought provoking themes on religion and the "one is all and all is one" motto. I think about life and how each of us has an affect on something, no matter how great or small.

There are so many things I could rattle off, but those are two of the main things I can verbalize at 1:40 in the morning. Haha!

It brought me Roy Mustand D: ~drools ~
I had the best day of my life because of it.
I went to Megacon to meet Vic and Travis and ended up making some AWESOME friends in the process.
It's what got me into going to more cons and cosplaying and stuff, too
I learned that military governments are really dangerous. Just one man shouldn't control the whole country. I think this is the first message of Fullmetal Alchemist, not brotherhood or friendship. [ Of course brotherhood is the second message. smile ]
almost fail math class
cured my boredom and given me somthing to think about (i like your hair btw)
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That is a big question. To name a few things Fullmetal Alchemist has done for me, I will make a list here. To name a few:
-Inspired what I want my career to be when I'm older (scientist or manga artist)
-I learned what alchemy was
-I learned what a chimera was
-I learned about the philosiphers stone was
-I learned what homunculi are
-Inspired ideas for if I'm a manga artist or if I'm a scientist (I will mention one example of this: I have started writing an action manga)
-To appreciate that I have all my limbs/an actual body
-Lots of military terms
-What the seven sins were (I had heard of "The seven deadly sins" before, but never knew what they were)
-The makeup of an adult human body
-Lots of science-related things
-I was inspired to watch lots more anime to find one as good as FMAB (haven't found one yet)
There are too many more to list.
PS Before watching FMAB, the only anime I had watched were Rurouni Kenshin and Fruits Basket. I was told I should watch FMAB, and it has totally changed the course of my life. Without it, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I thank Hiromu Arakawa, author of FMA
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Apart from made me laugh my head off every time someone made Edward mad... a lot, let's just say that much. wink
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Equivalent exchange and my love for science! XD
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It's simply entertained me. What was it supposed to do?

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