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When FMAB first came out I heard a lot of people complaining about the new voices but honestly I didn't find them that different. I actually preferred Al's voice in FMAB. Ed's voice I can hardly tell the difference.
sub <3 their voices are sooo cool xD
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I adore both versions, but would have to ultimately side with the dubs for all of the Fullmetal series. (Althought Romi Paku / Park is delightful to listen to.)
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english smile
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I've always been a fan of the dub, it amused me so much and I have such fond memories of watching it. I don't mind the voices in the sub of course, but I generally don't like watching subs because trying to watch the text on the screen starts hurting my eyes after a while and I also like to multi-task when I watch TV... Kinda hard when you're trying to read at the same time.
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I have to say sub... It was so hard to understand Alphonse in the english dubs. Also just loved the voices in FMA. Can't speak for movies or FMAB, though.
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I've only watched FMAB, but I started it in English and tried to watch some in Japanese and just couldn't do it. So, yeah, for this one I preferred the Dub.
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When FMAB first came out I heard a lot of people complaining about the new voices but honestly I didn't find them that different. I actually preferred Al's voice in FMAB. Ed's voice I can hardly tell the difference.

I'll be a geek here and annoying, possibly. I'm not sure whether you're talking about the sub or dub versions, although I'd suspect dub, as that has a good reason for a difference between the voices. In the original Japanese (subtitled), both Ed and Al are performed by their original seiyuus, whereas in the English dub, only Ed has the same original voice actor. In the 2003 series, Al was performed in the dub by Aaron Dismuke, who was 11 when he first performed the role, and 13 by the end of the film that went with that series, "Conqueror of Shamballa". As a number of years passed before Brotherhood began to be dubbed, puberty took Mr Dismuke out of the running for Al, so the part was re-cast to Maxey Whitehead.
Dub. I love the Jap, but I saw the dub first and IMO and English voices match the characters a billion times more. Not only that, but the show takes place in Europe, so if it was real it'd all be in English anyway.

I especially love Troy Baker voicing Greedling... emotion_bigheart
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I first experienced the Japanese voice track when Brotherhood was being streamed by Funimation back in 2009. Although I found it distracting to have to keep reading the subtitles while watching the action, it did give me an appreciation for their efforts. In spite of that, I really really like the dub-- largely because of Vic Mignogna as Ed, although Travis Willingham as Mustang and Sonny Strait as Hughes are also a HUGE entertainment factor. I do think both versions of Fullmetal generally have really good dubbing on them, but what does everybody (anybody) else think?

Some of the dub actors are good. ...Some just really grate on my nerves though. So I always watched the series in subs. And then I would get to Conqueror of Shamballa, and be all, "Hey Ed, why do you still sound like you're 12?" and then switch it to dub for the movie. The people who grated on my nerves either weren't in CoS, or, *cough*Envy*cough* didn't have too much speaking to do.

The FMA:B came out and... ugh. I'm sorry, I tried several times to watch the dubbed version, but I just can't. I can't. Whoever it is that's playing Al just grates on my nerves so bad. It is not at all my idea of what Al sounds like.

But the first time I ever watched through FMA at all was in dubbed, so I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for it. Even if Vic sounds more like a 18 year old than a 5-10-11-12 year old one.
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I listened to a few clips with subs and i have to say, i like the English dub better. biggrin

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