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Tell me your favorite and what you think you are.
I have a toss up between Greed and Envy! blaugh For which I would be...uhhh Envy I guess xp
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Envy or pride. But I'd myself say more pride.
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Greed and Lust were my favorites. Greed was hilarious and Lust had the most gorgeous character design... plus she kicked a**.

But I'm pretty sure MY deadliest sin is either Pride or Wrath. They kinda come hand in hand.
Envy is my favorite out of the group easily, as for myself probably wrath, verbally anyways but it takes a lot to get me mad....it's ugly when it happens though. that or sloth, i like curling up in bed too much
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Lust is my fav but i think i would be greed.
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I like Greed and Envy. Greed is really funny at times and Envy, I don't know why I like him I just do even though I didn't know it was a him at first xD
My deadly sin would probably be Lust.
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pride scared the s**t outta me, what a creepy lil kid, i suppose i suffer from envy tho
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Fav: Envy

As for me, I'm sometimes an angry jerk so probably wrath.
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My favorite is pride/greed.
I myself sloth

Gotta love Greed in all his forms. But personally, I'm probably slothful. Lots of laundry I should be doing, for one thing.
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Lust and Envy are my all time favorites <3
greed forsure.
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Unforgiving Raider

Tell me your favorite and what you think you are.

Dont understan question. Do you whant to know which of 7 deadly seen we have? Or what we like the most?
I dont like eny dadly sin.


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