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Hughes crying
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Hughes gonk
I'd skip the episode entirely if he didn't go without a fight.
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Hugh's and Nina's. Hugh's because he was an awesome character. Nina's because of the circumstances and the way they kept bringing it back up. I was pretty sad for Scar too, though.
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O_Falla the Demon Deer
O_Falla the Demon Deer
I cried when Pride, and Envy died. In the brother hood.

Pride didn't die. He was reduced to a fetus-sized infant by Ed. He's the only living homunculus at the end of the series.
k not sure waht that one is....but i mean Bradly i thought his name was pride...oh no he's wrath...maybe

Oh Pride in the 2003 version was King Bradley. His death in the 2009 version as Wrath was also sad and well deserving.

I thought you were talking about Selim Bradley. Selim/Pride was spared by Ed after Father almost had him sacrificed.
yea i liked him too but since he didnt die i didnt cry for him i owuld of if he did though i like them.
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Maes Hughs without a doubt- I cried during his funeral scene when Alicia was asking her mother why were they burying him because he wouldn't be able to go to work if they did crying
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Hughes when he died I cryed. he was so loveable and seeing him die it broke my heart.
and during the funeral scene when Alicia said "why are they burying daddy?" that just make me cry even more.

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In the original, I cried when Hughes died.

In Brotherhood, I died when old man Fu died. D:
I was sad when Bradley died, but I dunno. lol.
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Hughes, without a doubt.
I cry every time I watch his death! gonk
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I cried when Hughes died in both series. sad
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Nina was the most heartbreaking for me, followed closely by Hughes. D:
Maes Hughes. So sad. He was such a likable character, and that man ADORED his family. To think he was robbed of being with them, of ever again holding his wife, of seeing his little girl grow up....... crying ............seeing how upset everyone was about his death, how he fought so hard to stay alive.......... crying

For me his death was absolutely the saddest, because it was so unexpected. When anyone else died, it was obvious they were going to die, but with Hughes it seemed like he'd have a chance, and then for Envy to pull that stunt on him.......so not fair.

That's why in Brotherhood I was glad when Mustang was finally able to confront Envy about what happened to Hughes. twisted Even though I still ended up feeling a tiny bit bad for Envy at the very end. confused sweatdrop
crying Hughes is my favorite character so his death.. omg I bawled my eyes out T______T
I cry every time I see Nina's and Hugh's death ; A ; and I cry even more when Hugh's daughter was asking why they were burying him he's got lots of work to do... just tearing up thinking about it
There's no getting over that :c
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I think the saddest death was Nina's. I actually found her's a tad bit disturbing. neutral

The death I wish never happened was Mae's, he was my favorite character. And for some reason, I found Envy's death kinda sad in Brotherhood. .w.
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Hugh's and Nina's. Hugh's because he was an awesome character. Nina's because of the circumstances and the way they kept bringing it back up. I was pretty sad for Scar too, though.

I like how in Brotherhood, Scar didn't die. He became the Ishvalian leader, along with his half-Ishvalian brethren, Miles.

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