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You know I'm rather saddened by the fact that I choose to watch brotherhood first... the ending was horrible and when it comes to watching the original i just die of boredom.
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no it didnt
People still watch this show, people still write in this forum about this show (and NOT just for Gaia gold), and some people stil go goopy silly about this show. AND SOME OF US DO SHORT RANTS ALL THE TIME BECAUSE THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY LIKES THIS SHOW AND MAKES FUN OF THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL FREAKIN' GIANTS!!!
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i actually just finished watching this series a little over a month ago and i didnt realize how much i've been missing out on
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I've already watched FMA and now I'm watching FMAB
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I watch it occasionally, but not religiously like I used to.
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holy cow
thought this ended years ago

It did end years ago, then in a shorter number of years, brotherhood ended. And yet, it is still that popular that it gets its own piece of gaia forum. Well deserved in my opinion.
The first series started in 2003. But then they decided to make a remake of the show so then the newest one, FMAB started in 2009 so that it's much more accurate to the manga itself. Try watching it sometime or later. 3nodding
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People still watch all kinds of old anime still... anime doesn't have an expiry date. It really bugs me when people say that. It's a classic. Would you ask "Why are you still listening to that, it's so old?" about a song/artist/band?
This. 3nodding
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I'm a bit slow, so im still watching it LOL x)
hahaha yeah its so addictive if you get into it you might find yourself watching it over and over agian blaugh
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I love this show even it ended years ago.. ninja
I'm just late to the party with nearly every fandom... Only pretty recently got into FMA.
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I actualy just finished downloading FMA onto my laptop
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Isn't it wonderful? blaugh

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