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I just completed the series again for the fourth time today, and every time I watched it I've cried emotion_8c It's.. it's just so beautiful!
So let's discuss - which moments in Brotherhood (if any) do you shed a tear because of?
emotion_sweatdrop CAUTION emotion_sweatdrop This thread may eventually contain spoilers, so if you haven't watched FMAB yet, read at your own risk!

Here are my saddest moments of FMAB -

4. Ed first sees Al's body in the Portal of Truth
3. The Amestris transmutation circle is activated
2. Hohenheim's last moments
1. Al's final sacrifice
Yeah, and pretty much all of season 5 D:
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I get depressed too. I think my saddest moment was when the metal pipe stabbed Ed through, back then I was caught up on the manga and that was where it left off. I thought Ed was going to die!!!!!!!
I know I cried a few times watching it, but the part where Envy is in his true form as a tiny little slug and Roy tries to stomp on him, and then Envy pulls out his own stone.
It could have been that I felt sorry for him, but he was a great character. I just felt terrible sweatdrop
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I've finished the series 5 times. I cried the first two times. Now I just smile like a geek while watching it and recite parts of episodes.
Greed died...;A; R.I.P.
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Why cry about it? The ending was happy, and I liked it
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Why cry about it? The ending was happy, and I liked it

They were happy tears ^-^
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Greed died...;A; R.I.P.

T~T I'll always love Greed *sniffle*
I finally ordered part 5. So as soon as it gets here, I'll watch it. So excited. heart

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