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If you could marry any character from the Fullmetal Alchemist/ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood series, who would it be.

For me it would have been Greedling, but I think he might be abusive stare
So Alphonse. biggrin
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um i will pick Edward because he funny and is a good fighter too. 3nodding
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>w< GENERAL Armstrong. That's the sister >w<
Mmm, she could dominate me any day! <3

It'd be nice if she had a dere dere side though. o3o
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*raises hand*
make that two for abusive relationships, my choice would be Envy...and that can't go over well
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Glutony! As long as he doesn't eat me that is... I actually cried when he
died the first time in Brotherhood, not the second time though
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I've related to Ed since I started watching the show, so I'd have to say I'd marry him.

If I couldn't have him, I'd marry Winfrey.
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Roy would be all mine!!
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Hmm, I think I'd love to marry Ed ^_^
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I would pick Ed because I'm short so.... He is also funny, lovable, entertaining, adorable and mature. *dozing off...* heart
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Havoc or Ling.
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Edward. <3 I love his personality.

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