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Greed 3nodding

He's the ultimate shield and he's freaking awesome!
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Who do you think id the better sin? Greed, or Pride? and why?
bradly pride or saleim pride?
greed all the way man twisted
pride, yo.
greed too...lol
both. hah.
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Pride or Greed you say, that is a simple one for me... Well all around, our of all the sins, Greed is my favorite. And this is the same no matter what version we are talking about...
~ In the Manga, what little of it I have gotten to read, I adore his character.

~In the '03 Anime series he is pretty spectacular. I love that character along with his chimaeras. The character development is awesome, though his appearance is short lived I really liked his character.

~With Brotherhood I really loved Greed in Lings body, the character development was spectacular.
To me Greed is probably the truest to his 'Sin' than the others; He doesn't care about anyone's goals or agendas other than his own, he manipulates others into doing things for him and he even becomes more of a 'neutral or chaotic good' character because those he looks as important to his plans he regards sort of nicely. Then in the end he sacrifices himself for them, it's a total noble thing in my perspective.

As for what they are made for Pride probably wins that one(in all the versions)- but he is more of a pawn than Greed lets himself be which I think that in the actual development of 'Pride" he should have had more of an independence streak in him as well.

So simply: I like Greed MUCH more than Pride, regardless of version you want to go by, because of character development, powers and stance.
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greed? rolleyes
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both. hah.
I think greed in a lot better than pride because pride's only weapon needs light to use so no light means greed can kill him with his ultimate shield.
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Greed is way too schizo to like or be.
Pride how ever is the scarriest thing that any horror movie director could think of.
Who would expect a kid to be able to control darkness and kill with it...
plus Pride is a demon child who never gets older, he has no concious or morals to guide him.
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Gluttony all the way emotion_awesome the power to consume everything and anything,breaking down matter with his tongue and then theirs the whole he has a beast in his belly emotion_dowant when things gets rough he can just suck in whatever stands before him and put them in something that might as well be a black hole,devours everything. emotion_awesome
With more intelligence he would be the strongest homunculus easily,eating through greeds shield,sucking pride into his belly through the incomplete portal and trapping him in a black abyss where shadows will never form.
Even still,would need alchemy to escape his belly and homunculus can't use alchemy.

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