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Who do you think is the better sin? Greed, or Pride? and why?

Sexy, independant, in Ling's body later on, spiky hair, hot muscular body, sharp teeth, wants it all, sunglasses, trench coat, Troy Baker, Chris Patton, brave enough to Storm Wrath's house, joined with the good guys, and even sacrificed himself to save them.
i'd take Greed over Pride any day, the kids scares the crap out of me more than Envy's large true form...well that and he's second or third favorite homonculus depending on the version i'm going off of
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Greed 3nodding

He's the ultimate shield and he's freaking awesome!
Pride. means youll stand for yourself o ~ o . xp
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Greed. What could be more awesome than wanting everything? (and doing anything to get everything?)
This depends on what you mean. In terms of supporting Father's plan, Pride has to win that toss. He allows himself to be taken to the point of death to try to bring about Father's will, even trying to ignore Ed's point about how little Father seems to return that devotion. Greed is, for the most part, devoted to his own goals.

But if you mean which one do people answering this would think, I'd have to go with what I guess the majority will be-- Greed. He's able to see beyond the immediate return and take the long view toward gaining what he wants, and he's incredibly loyal to anyone he regards as a subordinate. Not unlike Ling in that respect, huh? (But that's another ish).

Plus, I'm not into the shotacon stuff.
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Greed. He is my second favorite sin, after Envy of course xd
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Greed. Overall, I think he was a great character, although the sheild form scared the s**t out of me when I was a bit younger. Out of all the sins I think he was my favorite to be honest.
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Pride, hands down <3

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