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I think i know who the victor will be
i like the 2003 take of the anime best. the short version is that i think the main villian is worse, i like the homonculi's creations and backstories, the storyline is still great, creative, and felt more emotional to me, the characters still develop as they go, and even the movie worked within what was provided from the rest of the series.

i'd rather not get into detail like i have before in these threads because i'm braindead from being up for about 18 hours now so yeah....short version
Wow lol maybe you should sleep and yes i love all those things about fma ^^ it's one of my fav anime's
I think i know who the victor will be

FMAB is good but it's like some one redoing time it self, yes it is epic but you cant just change history, i liked FMA for thats what i saw first and i like it, what i am trying to say is there are little changes in FMAB that don't line up right to the original. :/
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I can't say which is better, I loved both of them O:
The only thing Brotherhood has going for it is "It follows the manga!" or "It has _____ in it!"
Which really is nothing at all.
The pacing and such was still god awful.

'03 anime is still superior, imo.
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heart BOTH BOTH BOTH i wuvem both 4laugh 3nodding
Yes martyn green i completely agree with you. When i first saw fmab i was like what the heck. Last time i checked in the ova they were in an alternate universe and al had his body. Where did all these other characters come from, the original is way less confusing to me.
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FMAB probably because I read the manga first whee

Both are really good though heart
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Both are great heart heart
I discovered Fullmetal Alchemist because of the 2003 anime. That said, for me, Brotherhood all the way. But I know why lots of people love the first one, and it usually seems to win these forum threads.

But the shower scene in Brotherhood is so much better than the shower scene in the first one (Ed showering at Central Command v. Ed showering in the back yard at Resembool-- naked or with shorts on... surely that's not a hard choice).
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Never finished FMAB :s
Personally, I prefer FMAB. I like the way the story goes and Father is simply my favorite character. FMA is great, but I found it very confusing.
Thats a valid point to make ^^ it's true that fma is kind of hard to understand at the beginning but still love it more >.<
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i prefer the 2003

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