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Original anime or Brotherhood?

FMA 0.18604651162791 18.6% [ 8 ]
FMAB 0.81395348837209 81.4% [ 35 ]
Total Votes:[ 43 ]
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I prefer Brotherhood, I like parts about each of them but all in al I like brotherhood better!

That's what she said!!
but seriously I totally agree I like how FMA goes into more detail about certain events but I like brotherhood more!
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Lost Avalon
I will love FMA forever and never understand FMA:B. I've read the manga, I like the manga. I do not at all like Brotherhood. The beginning is extremely rushed, the jokes are pretty dry for their frequency, and they cut out a lot of the emotion that made the first FMA great.

What I've seen is that people who like darker anime prefer the original, people who like constant comic relief lean towards Brotherhood. To each their own. *shrug*

umm FMAB is more like the manga than FMA....

Yes yes, I know that, I just don't like the way Brotherhood turned out as an anime, and I'm saying NOT because it has the same story as the manga. I like the story. I don't like how Brotherhood turned out.
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Brotherhood is way cooler.
I really dislike the 2003 anime, and I don't know why. The 2003 anime is different from the 2008 anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and the manga is really cool to read. So I choose Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
To me, Brotherhood is the best! smile
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Vienna Genesis
Personally, I vote Brotherhood. And, furthermore, I do not even think the two SHOULD be commonly referred to as "FMA" and "FMAB" because that implies that Brotherhood is not truly FMA. And I happen to think it is the ONLY true FMA. Thoughts?

IDK about that I'm not that big of a FMA fan but Brotherhood just seems to be like FMA form 2003 with a few more additions. One I've notice is Major Armstrong's other sister, the mini panda, and the 2nd Greed are all I can think of right now.

There not that much different but I see FMAB as more of an AU from FMA since if came out first on air.
I prefer Brotherhood, but they're both good in their own ways. Usually when I show people Fullmetal Alchemist we wind up watching the first series first, and then following up with FMAB. I feel like they get a richer experience that way.

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