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Alrighty~ Lets start a debate! Fullmetal Alchemist or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood? Why?
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There were a few reasons that I liked FMA better than brotherhood

I liked the hunt for the homunclii better when they had to go after sloth who was there mother.

I liked when Scar went to Lior, I liked his connection

I liked how it ended better. I felt like all the little loose ends got wrapped up to neatly in brotherhood. In FMA they were left stuck in a paralel world at the end.

I liked Frank Archer alot better than Kimbly. Mostly because to ad insult to insult he was trying to replace Hughes.

I guess the reason is because I felt like the homunculii seemed a bit stale in brotherhood. aside from greed they didn't have much in the way of personality or or back story.

I will be interested to hear what people liked better about brotherhood too

I'm not making a point with this, I am just posting it randomly because I already had it pulled up on youtube

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Manga. 'nuff said.
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So you like FMAB better? because of the way it follows closely to the manga?
Ciri z Cintry
Manga. 'nuff said.
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So you like FMAB better? because of the way it follows closely to the manga?
Ciri z Cintry
Manga. 'nuff said.

Well yeah, but I still prefer FMA manga over anime. Even Brotherhood.
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I prefer Brotherhood.

For one thing, the ability to create a homunculus and have it look like someone you know is impossible. The homunculi already made come from one source, the Dwarf from the flask a.k.a Father. When he separated all the seven deadly sins of man from himself, each with a philosopher stone as their heart.

Also, after Maes Hughes is killed, the search to find his killer and figure out the motives becomes how Mustang and his group become active against the rest of the military. I like versus the first anime, many of them like Kain Fury, Hymens Breta, and especially Jean Havoc are made to be seen as more serious guys, rather than just idiots. Jean Havoc shows off his skills as a secret op with The Hawk's Eye in her targeting position. This worked to recover the human body that once belonged to Barry the Chopper.

I also like animes with overall pictures. What was the need for the war in Ishval, or the up-rise in Lior? Is it just to make Philosopher stones? The truth is those wars were just small parts of a great big picture. Like the size of this circle country, Amestris. Central gets its name for being the center point of the country. Father is having his strongest homunculus carve a giant cave circumferencing the whole country to channel the energy needed for his master plan. This task wouldn't be a overnighter, but rather it started right after the fall of Xerxes. Perhaps this had to span 400 years because it was so big. I also like the counter to this major scheme. Hohenheim, among others opposed to it, work as rebels against such pending doom. One of the counters include using alkahestry to not only cancel out alchemy, but reverse it's damaging flow.

Also Ed and Al aren't seen as killers at all. They truly regard all forms of life and don't seek a need to destroy anyone. They didn't kill anyone accidentally, like Majhal or Greed, or intentionally, like the first Sloth (Trisha Elric). Edward even went out of his way to save Selim/Pride's life, even though he ended up reducing Pride to the form of a fetus-sized infant. After learning about Maes' death, Al refuses to allow anyone else to be killed, not while under his watch. Nobody can convince him to just leave them to die. Riza tried that when she thought Mustang was dead. That option was thrown out immediately.
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I say FMA because without FMa there wouldn't have been FMAB!!
I kinda like both
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I kinda like both
Yes I do find that both have their attraction features to different audiences..but say you have 2 friends who want you to come over to their house at the same time (different houses) to watch anime. the first one wants to watch FMA and the other wants to watch FMAB both friends are equals to you..which would you go to? and Why?
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X Selene_Xx
I say FMA because without FMa there wouldn't have been FMAB!!

Not necessarily. FMA's 2003 anime wasn't the idea's starting point, the manga was. So FMA-B could've still existed as an adaptation of the manga, it just wouldn't have had the Brotherhood subtitle.

I prefer the manga over both series myself.
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jfc this topic needs a sticky....

The original anime had much greater emotional depth in that it would spend alot of time letting its audience get to know its characters, so when something happened to them, you felt something for them. The animation also appeared more refined, and not quite as... what Brotherhood was trying to go for.
The pacing of the series was also superior, and it took its time rather than rushing through everything. This was excusable for the first few episodes of Brotherhood, but then they just kept on rushing, missing so many opportunities for gripping cliff-hangers.
I also preferred the twist at the end of the original anime. It made it feel more unique with its parallel dimension rather than a generic "bad guy wants to rule the world" scheme.
Of course, the original is not without it's own fair share of flaws, like some loose ends and lame filler episodes, but as a whole it was just well done.

So original anime > Brotherhood

really, all brotherhood has going for it is "it follows the manga!"
which sort of turned to crap for me in the end anyways, so that's not a good thing.
I kinda like both, I mean brotherhood had a lot of what the manga had in it, but it's kinda hard to pick a favorite between the two.
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Not even gold and silver can

I Like FMA better.. And honestly it was only because I preferred the plot and the person who voiced Al, I was really disappointed in that...

break the two of us...
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I don't see how anyone can honestly think that the original anime is better than Brotherhood. Without the manga, which Brotherhood follows pretty closely for better or worse, you would NEVER of had the source material to make the 1st anime, which I think, is total garbage. The Homunculus are weak, Wrath is a whining joke, and Dante is the weakest main villain I've seen in the history of popular anime.
I just can't grasp how people can make the argument that FMA is better than FMA: Brotherhood. I was so happy when I originally learned that there was going to be a 2nd version of the series that I went out and bought them as they were made available on DVD. I still watch them now, as probably always will.
I respect everyone's right to their own opinion, don't get me wrong. I just can't, for the life of me, understand the FMA over FMA: Brotherhood opinion.....
Ya'll know Wrath from Brotherhood would KILL Wrath from FMA right??? I mean DESTROY. PERIOD. scream
I'm sorry, I couldn't post without saying that....

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