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I really want to do a FMA RP but pretty much all the guilds are dead and a lot of my rp friends left gaia. sad
Is anyone still up to it? I think it'd be fun...
just comment! and feel free to add me!
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Please send me a PM! I have been having the exact same problem! Finally, someone else... =DD

What are you interested in/looking for in a roleplay? =3
Ally an active RP with he main characters as well as allowing originals!
I also like commenting back and forth on profiles as characters :3
And I hall most definitely message you!
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may i join as well? c:
I could Join as Edward Elric if you want.
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im not much of a roleplayer
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haha i do an fma rp on instagram XD I would be happy to join here. I RP Riza Hawkeye, but i could do someone else :3
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I used to roleplay as Ling, but quited because nobody wanted to accompany me. Now I don't have time for roleplay games, and even if I had, I wouldn't want to. It was kinda depressing when others refused to play with me sad
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can i join? 3nodding
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May I join please.
I also roleplay FMA, though I gravitate more towards yaoi than canon stuff. I play various characters. May I join in?
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Sounds like fun! biggrin May I join in, if it's still going to happen, that is. Though, I've only watched/read about 25 episodes/chapters; Will that be a problem? And I can join as anyone, but I'd rather RP an OC, if possible. Um, if this does go on, can someone send me a PM? Or is there a way to... watch this thread? I'm new to this, so I'm a little lost and confused... redface


Edit: Ah, never mind. I think I figured it out; You hit the 'subscribe' button, right?
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Goodluck on your RP guys,I hope it goes well.If you need an Envy from any version of FMA,I'm happily up for it biggrin I'm like..an expert on homunculi due to me not having a life XD so,anyhoo,take care!
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I RP as Ed/Al/Ling~! ;-;

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