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Pfft Hughes... I miss him! D:
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It's a tie between Roy, Lust and Brotherhood's Envy.
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This bad-a** mother ******** right here.

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Don't mess. talk2hand

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i wasn´t aware there was a whole forum dedicated to full metal alchemist.

It´s honestly the only anime i´ve really ever enjoyed.

as far as favorite characters, i´m not sure.

Let´s see....

probably greed, actually.
Its a tie between Envy and Armstrong. Armstong is hilarious and such a sweet awesome guy. My Envy love mostly is a love for the VA. She is able to put just so much emotion and mirth into Envys voice, it just blows me away emotion_kirakira
Same here
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I've always loved Al! <3
and always will xD
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first anime Envy, Scar (more so first anime, but he's still awesome in the manga) and Greed in all forms (which is sort of odd because i hate Ling xd ).
I love ling and lan fan couple! they are too cute together xd
I think you're forgetting WINRY. heart heart heart
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Well I like Mei because she is tough and Ling because he’s just hilarious. Also I like Edward.
Mustang FTW!
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Ed. :3 I was him for Halloween, I called myself Ed, and I called my best friend Al. biggrin I love Fullmetal Alchemist, it's the best anime ever! biggrin

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