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Who is your favorite FMA character?

Edward Elric 0.39393939393939 39.4% [ 91 ]
Al Elric 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 33 ]
Winry Rockbell 0.056277056277056 5.6% [ 13 ]
Ling Lao 0.086580086580087 8.7% [ 20 ]
Roy Mustang 0.14718614718615 14.7% [ 34 ]
Riza Hawkeye 0.064935064935065 6.5% [ 15 ]
Mae Hughes 0.056277056277056 5.6% [ 13 ]
Lan Fan 0.017316017316017 1.7% [ 4 ]
Major Armstrong 0.034632034632035 3.5% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 231 ]
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There are so many great characters in the series and they all have their strong points, but my favorite will always be Edward.
Comrade Lucy's avatar


Needs more Kimblee.
Olivier Armstrong is my favorite, but she wasn't an option. 3nodding
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Tricky Survivor

Black Hayate!

Damn. Roy! No... AL!... Probably Ed! ...But Hawkeye...and Ling...

i can't vote in this poll. i love them ALLLLLLL emotion_dowant
all this wouldn't be possible without edward
You know, after a few days of watching this poll and similar threads, I'm not surprised that Ed is winning but the margin by which he's beating Roy is a lot higher than I expected. And Al is hanging in there, too.
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Eve of the Forests Edge
My favorite character is not on this list. O.o

Neither is mine...

Where da ******** is my Lin/Greed!?!??! scream
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Versatile Hunter

      I find your lack of Izumi Curtis disturbing.
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Maes Hughes! Him and his family... =w=
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where is Greed on this list????
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Without a doubt, Edward Elric.
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Well... My fav's Scar... but he's not there... then it's Envy... who's not there... then Father... not there... then it's Al who is there.. so yay!
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x x Looks like Ludwig had something to say.
I'll always enjoy Alphonse's youthful and fluid understanding of the world. He thinks and tries his best to understand things that happen... and sometimes misses the point or gets duped. Plus he is sad: a little kid trapped in a hulking, empty giant of a body. And he waits, and waits, and waits. He is denied direct involvement by his loving, proud brother... and though I think he would have made a wonderful State Alchemist, and maybe been helpful to Edward... I think the series needed that sadness.
x x

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