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Greed. I loved his character in both FMA and FMAB. His death was so sad in FMAB the second time. I was really hoping he would stay around. For all the reasons listed above.
Im all for Greed. rofl He`s so freaking hot!!!! heart 4laugh heart User Image
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Envy. He is awesome. Nuff said
I like Pride, controling shadows is so cool.
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From FMAB Greed, mostly because every time he had his own little part (whether it was in Ling's mind or not) it made me smile -or- laugh. emotion_kirakira

From FMA Sloth (haha my username! hah..hahaa....) I was facinated with the fact she still resembled Trisha emotion_0A0 Twas pretty intense.

I totally agree with Greed in Ling. He was sooo awesome, and when he went all gangsta on the army was definately his prime moment, and when he sacrificed himself to stop Father. That broke my heart crying
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Cause she went out in a blaze of glory... so to speak.
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I love Sloth. She is real leady...and mother
I dunno actually.... but I think I'm going to have to go with Lust. So sexy. Envy in a close second because his ability is definitely really cool.
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Envy or Greed.

Envy due to the whole essence I get from him. I would say he's my favorite character, even when I found out he was a "bad guy". Plus, he's freaking sexy.

Greed because he's hilarious, and sort of reminds me of my father in his humor. I also loved him in the Brotherhood. Even more so when Ling and him shared his body.
******** yeah
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For a thread started for quick gold, this has gotten quite popular.
wrath (not brotherhood version) <3
My favorite is Greed. He actually seemed to care about the people he recruited, which I thought was interesting! I also liked that he wasn’t working with the others.
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Greed. He is least da deserving of punishment in my opinion. I kin totally understand that he wanted a life tha was his. That did not seem like so much ta ask.

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