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Fate Sacred Alchemist is an RP Based after the events in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Father was defeated, Peace came about with Roy Mustang as the Fuhrer. People gained trust in the Military again, and with that a School was built to nurture upcoming Alchemists and Alkahestrists alike, to keep the future bright and protect the world from possible Troubles of the past. The only existing Homunculus at the moment is Pride, and one year before Our Journey begins, Selim Bradley, formerly known as " Pride " Went missing, and it remains the top priority of the Military to find him. They've kept the Citizens as well as the Students of G.A.S in the Dark about it as to prevent Panic. So we all begin at the Academy with the Enrollment of a New Student by the name of Aisha (The Main Character that the Main Story revolves around). She doesn't have much memory of her Past but can perform Alchemy on a beginner level. The Morning Comes and it's about time for everyone to get ready for the FIRST DAY of Class.

Im recruiting for 9 Members, for the Main group will consist of 10(Includes my Char). In the future there may be more depending on how the RP Progresses.

Possible Questions
1] Are you playing the Main Character ?
~ No I am not. I play her Temporarily, merely for Progression purposes, but She is open to be played by any decent Active Rper.

2] Is it an Stat Based RP ?
~ No. While I Loooove a Stat based Rp, not many people, definitely on Gaia don't. There are a few Tiers that help dictate how a Character may perform against other Characters.
Fragile → Weak → Average → Strong → Powerful → Destructive → Divine
And there is a Little health System, but basically every Serious Hit Drains 1 Heart. 0 Heart = Passes out, and further damage after that = Dead.

3] Can anyone just kill anyone in the RP ?
~ I got this question before in a different RP, and often address it in the RULES. Im gonna Post the Rule here though.
* Death can occur in this RP, and Probably will. Death by another Member however cannot happen without the other persons Consent. Encountering Very Dangerous NPC's [Such as the Homunculi] bring great risk to your Character. The Main Character [ Aisha ] However cannot Die. Every Major Hit decreases your health by 1 Heart. When all is gone, your Character WILL pass out. Anything done to you Character after that will most likely kill your Character. There are Methods of Revival for the Characters, but that is to come later lol.

4] Can I be a Homunculus ?
~ At the moment, there is only 1 known Homunculus which is Pride. When the other ones become known, only one of them will be played by a Member, which be apart of the Main Group. Right now I have the idea of the Homunculus "Lust" or "Gluttony" Being the one that is with the Main group.

5] Does Q4 Means that I have to wait until the Homunculus become available ?
~ No. Request for the Homunculus First, then Make a Bio for an OC. When "Lust" or "Gluttony" becomes available, then we can shift things around with either (Your OC becoming the new "Lust" or "Gluttony" wink Or something else, where you retain your ranks and abilities.

6] Is this a School RP ?
~ This isn't exactly a Highschool/College Anime RP. The Story Begins with this Idea, but eventually turns into a big Journey, so When you join, join with intent of Rping Longterm Please.

7] Can I play a Canon Character from " Fullmetal Alchemist " ?
~ The RP takes place 30 years afterwards, and " Some " of the Characters are Dead. There are some still alive, and there is a List in the RP...a Status list. The ones with a * Next to their names are the ones you can play.

8] Kids of the Canon ?
~ Again, Check the Status List

I would be interested in joining, is there a particular form you'd like me to fill out, for an OC?
Yes there is :3.
Everything can be found in the first beginning posts of the Thread.


The Form is below in which you Pm to me after at least reading the rules
Awesome, thank you.
I'm very interested, I shall fill out the oc profile the message you okai?

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