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State Alchemists because Ed is my favorite character and others like Mustang, Hawk Eye, and alot others. The homunculas creep me out like Envy and Glunttany.
Like at the last episode Envy shows who she really is! Shes.......Al i think? SO is envy a guy or a girl confused eek

Uhhhhh I don't think Envy is ever truly Al...but Envy tis a guy last time I checked. wink smile
I like the military and State Alchemists better than the homunculi, even though the homunculi are amazing characters. But really... with Ed, Hughes, Mustang, Hawkeye, Havoc, Fuery, Marcoh, Falman, Breda, Sheska, Ross and Brosh, Basque Grand, Focker (just for the name alone), the crazy spinning top Giolo Comanche, and Alex Louise Armstrong... well, that tips the balance for me, especially because Hughes is so amazing!
Homunculus imo are way to op period. I don't mind their role in the manga/anime it served as an interesting enemies. I prefer the military role, because I view the military as a fetish e.e
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Neither, both are tools used by a single homunculus with a god complex. Really, I no longer see a difference between the two, especially since several state alchemists were aware of homunculus and 'Father' from the beginning.

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