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I'm just really bored so I'm putting out random questions for people to respond to if they want!! whee I like the homunculus a little bit better just because...they're cool like that...but I do like the military!! 4laugh
alchemists, the bad guys creep me out a lil sweatdrop
hm....tough question, i like characters on both sides, personalities and backstories are great, and even taking the different animes into account it's still hard to pick. i like both sides for different reasons
Homunculus I Dont understand why though Just think there cooler.. TOUGH QUESTION!
well if i had to chose to be one or the other, id choose homunculi.
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Both. Homunculus are awesome, but at the same times state alchemist are equally amazing with their powers, fighting style, and personality
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homunculus just for Envy
State Alchemists because Ed is my favorite character and others like Mustang, Hawk Eye, and alot others. The homunculas creep me out like Envy and Glunttany.
Like at the last episode Envy shows who she really is! Shes.......Al i think? SO is envy a guy or a girl confused eek
i honestly dont like any of them because i just like the show i dont care about the wacky magic or watever they do

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