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Best Homunculus from FMAB?

Father 0.034883720930233 3.5% [ 6 ]
Lust 0.1046511627907 10.5% [ 18 ]
Gluttony 0.017441860465116 1.7% [ 3 ]
Envy 0.26744186046512 26.7% [ 46 ]
Greed 0.3953488372093 39.5% [ 68 ]
Sloth 0.017441860465116 1.7% [ 3 ]
Wrath (King Bradly) 0.052325581395349 5.2% [ 9 ]
Pride 0.11046511627907 11.0% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 172 ]
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I've always been a huge fan of Greed and when he ended up with Lin I thought it was a really cool development for the character.
But as the series went on I really began to appreciate Envy. So full of hate, but then in the end not so much. I feel like Envy changed the most over the course of the show and for that, I think Envy takes the top spot for me.
Greed, hands down. biggrin
Lust & Envy.
I am fairly torn between Greed and Lust (though I voted for Greed on the poll). They're the two most "human" characters I think, in terms of being able to sympathize/empathize, and I tend to gravitate towards the "good" characters so... And Greed was just such a badass all the way up to the end.
Guise, we all know Greed is the best.

Am I right?
Gotta love Greed heart
Gotta love Greed heart

In FMA he was gotten rid of waaaaaaay too quickly.
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I like Greed the best because in the end he turned out to be a good guy! 3nodding
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Greed 3nodding
I really enjoyed watching Full metal Alchemist and I really liked greed.
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i realli loved the anime both fma and fma brotherhood but a lil bit confused about wrath being king bradley confused 3nodding
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Gotta love Greed! Esp. the new greed.
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I liked a few of the humonculous...Gluttony and Pride were two of my favorites. But if I had to pick an overall I would have to say Greed. He had an awesome power and he wasn't a complete jerk in the series.

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