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well what you ecpect he a soft heart kid after all chasing after foolish dreams
I think Maxey Whitehead did an excellent job, but overall, Aaron's Al seemed more genuine at times. Although I got a little tired of the drawn out "Al doesn't trust Ed" plotlines. Especially when Barry the Chopper played his whole mind-game "You're just a made-up thing and never really existed". It's bad enough in the manga and Brotherhood, with Al doubting both Ed and Winry, but in the 2003 version, he runs away from them, even though he's just bruised Ed's face and Ed can hardly stand in that version, and then he allies himself with Scar and claims he doesn't care about Ed anymore. This is the guy who tried to murder Ed not that long ago! And why? Because a confessed serial killer suggests that Ed wanted a hero-worshipping little brother... so why are so many of Al's memories regarding Ed not flattering at all?! Yet props to Dismuke--he played it very realistically.
I really like Maxey Whitehead's Al a lot, but sometimes, there are times when her Al sounds like a girl. Still, overall, I have huge respect for both Als, but I always feel immensely impressed by how Aaron Dismuke had such an amazing performance given that he was eleven when he started.
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has any one else noticed that al always has animals in his armor?

Yes, alot in the mini-manga.
And once, when Ed asked if he could go into Al's armor, Al denied and said "I only let cat's and girls go into my armor."
(read it from one of my fma thing books)
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Al is one of my favorite characters. x3
I remember the beginning of the series like it was yesterday. XD
well what you ecpect he a soft heart kid after all chasing after foolish dreams

Dude don't hate on Al
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well what you ecpect he a soft heart kid after all chasing after foolish dreams

Dude don't hate on Al

In my opinion, that's what makes him likeable. Though, I don't think his dreams are so foolish.
well this is just great
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so, which alphonse is the best:
1. little kid al (cutie!!)
2. al in his armour (scary but still cute O.O )
3. alphonse in conquerer of shamballa (PONYTAILLL)
4. alphonse at the end of fmab (short hair razz )


aaron dismuke or maxey whitehead?

aaron 3nodding

All Alphonse's are the best!! Except for Maxey Whitehead. I remember hearing Al for the first time watching FMAb and I literally choked on my ramen crying
He's an animal lurver
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I don't know if you could go as far ad to say he always does.

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