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what the fawk do we do?
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- - αℓץ sαץs - -

Cheese It !
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throw confetti in their eyes.
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I swear officer...I'm not Hi.
Or is it drunk?
WTF does it matter...I'm not driving! xD
say hello officer I have no idea whats going on here I just came out side to check my mail and all these drunk passed out strangers where scattered across my lawn then turn on the sprinklers and run they'll never find me I'm not even from this town...
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hind in the closets ...
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Once, back in the first grad school i went to, some of my classmates threw a party at their lakehouse (the college was by Cayuga Lake, one of the finger lakes in NY). It was Halloween, the weekend, with no up-coming exams. people were everywhere, all over the porch and around 1AM I was trying to find my shoes and get home. I was already really tipsy from half a bottle a wine and some shots and all of a sudden, the cops are at the door demanding I tell them who owns this house and what's going on. We weren't even THAT loud. I was so baffled, i couldn't even remember the names of the girls who were renting the house. I was like, "Isn't this illegal search? Do you have a warrent?"...oh, well, some one else got the girls and I left.
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you know how many cops are in reno at night when it comes to frat parties................ confused geez.. why not party and be drunk in peace. whee i would love not bailing out when i hear them coming.
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Pretend to be an undercover NARC.
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"pour the cops a cup, cos everybodys here tonight" emotion_awesome
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......um...hi...there officer.....doughnut? *offers*
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gaia_angelleft emotion_zzz gaia_angelright
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Shameless Lunatic

*give them the stare down then slowly walk away*

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